Kaspersky Antivirus & Security


The insecurity on the Internet is growing every day, just download a song, watch a movie online or surf the web, are possibilities of infecting your PC with a virus. In view of this, it is vital to have protection like Kaspersky Antivirus & Security to prevent you from being stolen important personal information or … Read more

K7 Antivirus


There are so many external threats that today can attack your computer that any prevention is little; therefore, if there is something essential that every computer should have, it is a good antivirus. If you don’t have any installed yet, then it’s not a bad idea to opt for K7 Antivirus premium. With k7 total … Read more

Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick Heal Total Security has all the features you expect from an antivirus. With a lot of additional features, including parental controls. It is easy to use and effective to detect malware. It detects all kinds of new and unknown viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and other threats and protect your system. Few system resources are … Read more

AVG Antivirus Pro

avg antivirus pro

If you are looking for a solution to protect your computers from malware, Trojans, spyware and all types of viruses, look no further. With AVG Antivirus you can always have your devices safeguarded. In this post you will see everything related to this vaccine against the threats that are online. AVG for its acronym Antivirus … Read more

Norton Antivirus

anti virus Norton

One of the most reputable brands in the antivirus industry, Norton debuted as early as 1991. In the first half of 2007, Norton had 61% of the market share of antivirus, protection and security products, making it synonymous with computer protection. Despite its success in the market, Norton has come in for a lot of … Read more

Antivirus Cleaner for Android


Super Cleaner Antivirus is more than an antivirus, since it includes numerous functions to optimize your mobile or Android tablet. In a very short time it has been placed among the most downloaded Android antivirus. It only took a few months until the app, developed by the Chinese company KSMobile or Kingsoft Security, which would … Read more

360 Security Free Antivirus Booster Cleaner


Is your PC going slow? You may need to use a powerful antivirus to free it from unwanted cyber damage, and to keep it at 100% of its potential. One of these programs is the 360 Security Antivirus free, which has been available since 2005. Its success has been such that it reaches 450 million … Read more