How to Download YouTube Videos for Free on any Device? Step by Step Guide

youtube premium

One of the platforms of streaming videos most famous and used worldwide is YouTube that over time, has become the ideal alternative to watch music videos, movies, news and endless content, totally free. Taking into account that this social network can be managed from any device, either through desktop computers or Smartphones and Tablets. However, … Read more

What are the Best Alternatives to Free and Paid Google Maps?


Google Maps is an application created by the cooperative giant Google; it has designed for its users this GPS system that allows you to see your current location, as well as see other places or get directions to them. This is a tool that comes predefined in all or almost all Android devices. Its success … Read more

The Best Applications to Block Ads on Android and iOS


Today around the world, we are constantly faced with multiple advertising content and especially when we browse the vast majority of websites on the Internet. Usually, these are platforms that bombard you with thousands of ads and emerging advertising while you watch some information, and is that wherever you go, whether in the banner at … Read more

What are The Best Applications to Change Faces in Android and iOS? 2020

Face Swap Live Lite

With the development of technology and its goal of always being functional for humans and making their life much simpler, various applications have emerged that manage to cover any day-to-day action of its users. Taking into account that they are used through mobile devices and this, increases the ease and comfort of people when using … Read more

What are The Best Password Managers for Android? 2020

Dashlane Password manager

Today security has become one of the most important things in our lives, especially when we are surfing the Internet and using our mobile phones, we must take into account that currently most Android devices have their own password managers. With them you will be able to save all the keys and passwords that you … Read more