AVG Antivirus Pro

If you are looking for a solution to protect your computers from malware, Trojans, spyware and all types of viruses, look no further. With AVG Antivirus you can always have your devices safeguarded. In this post you will see everything related to this vaccine against the threats that are online.

AVG for its acronym Antivirus Guard, it is a software to stop and eliminate malicious programs. It was developed thanks to a Czech company called AVG Technologies.

And it has become available for different operating systems. For example, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


AVG Antivirus – Advantages / Disadvantages

This antivirus is effective in detecting threats and eliminating them. Also, it is able to interrupt any program that is malicious and is trying to place itself on your hard drive. However, as every product has its advantages and disadvantages. Analyze each of them here:


  • When analyzed in laboratories, it has given decisive results at a good level. Of course, if you compare it with others like Bitdefender and Norton that are antivirus payments, this is a bit short.
  • It provides many additional functions. Among which, there is a shield with which the threats found on the Internet are intercepted.
  • It takes care of spyware, or rather those programs that track your data and activity. Then send it to hackers looking to usurp your identity.
  • In the event that you find a message with an attachment in the emails, it will prevent you from downloading it. At least until you are sure that you comply with the security measures.
  • Also, it protects you from ransomware, those files that make all the information on your computer is blocked and to have access to it again you will have to pay a ransom and only then will they unblock it. However, with AVG you will not have that worry.
  • This app is updated automatically in real time.


  • Although it does the virus scan very quickly, it slows down the system.

Download AVG Antivirus for PC and Android

avg antivirus pro

With these free antivirus you will get a much safer browsing on the net, they will detect any threat immediately. Learn here, a little more about the AVG applications that you can easily install on your devices.

AVG TuneUp for Windows

With this tool it will appear that you have a technician inside your PC. Since, after each respective virus cleanup is automatically repaired and performed a maintenance. With which your equipment will spend less battery, in addition, it will go faster. Some advantages of this antivirus are summarized below:

  • Flamboyant and very useful design.
  • Make a complete and detailed scan of your equipment.
  • It executes in real time an optimization of the PC and has a Turbo mode.
  • Provides accelerated Windows performance.
  • As such, until now no disadvantage has been discovered, so trust and install it on your PC.

AVG Antivirus Free Download

AVG Antivirus for PC

Download this free antivirus and you will not be disappointed. Well with it you can stop spyware, viruses and any other malware. If you find downloads, links and mail attachments that are unsafe, it will block them right away. In addition, it will analyze the possible problems for which your PC does not have a good performance and will solve them.

This tool has a user interface that is very simple, but at the same time elegant. It has a gray background in the menu and the buttons are green, as well as other texts that are of interest.

Download AVG for PC

AVG Antivirus free for Android

To protect your mobile device from viruses and software or malicious programs, you will only have to install this application. Which brings the following benefits:

  • All your applications, as well as games and files will be analyzed.
  • Extends battery life. Since it stops and eliminates all those unnecessary functions that slow down your phone and drain your energy.
  • You can block private apps. It can be with a pattern, fingerprint or a PIN.

Download AVG for Android

AVG Antivirus free for Android security

Another solution to protect your smart device from malware, viruses and other threats is the AVG Antivirus Security Free. You can learn a little more about this tool by analyzing the Pros and cons.

  • Advantages: The design is pleasant and its interface easy to use. It has functions that protect your identity and an anti-theft session. Good search engine to analyze threats. It manages to establish the sensitivity of said engine.
  • Disadvantage: Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish some functions, because they are not very visible.

Download AVG Security

Safeguarding your mobile and office devices is very easy and secure with AVG Antivirus. It is a computer security company that always gives its users the best service and protection.