Best Free Antivirus for PC, Mac or Mobile to Download in 2020

Do you do business online and have not yet protected your computer with a security system? Today I will offer you several alternatives to download free antivirus for PC, Mac or mobile. Every day is more important the security in the devices and computer systems that we use in our professional performance and even in our daily or personal life.

As you well know, a large part of the actions that we carry out Online require a prior review by a professional system of prevention against possible threats: malware, Trojan, spyware, adware, Phishing and other types of malicious programs.

And is that, every step you take on the network may be at risk of contagion by some dangerous software or malicious mind. In short, just as in the Offline we get vaccinated against possible infections, the same thing happens on the Internet, in the case of our devices or computer equipment.


A blockage of our systems, the loss of data or access to them due to an attack on our cybersecurity, can bring us very serious consequences, so it is necessary that at all times you have an antivirus system installed on your PC, Mac or mobile.

Having understood this, I will now recommend the best free antivirus for these operating systems, but not before clarifying the definition of this term.

What is an antivirus?

An antivirus system is an effective protection program installed on a computer to protect it from possible unwanted threats that try to infect it.

However, in order to understand what a system of this type is, I must first refer to the very concept of “virus”.

There are numerous computer viruses developed to attack any type of system or device, causing damage of greater or lesser severity and oriented to different objectives and ends.

The simplest can be simple utilities to include advertising on your PC or mobile, block the device or minor things.

Others, on the other hand, can even be used to extract your personal or commercial data, use your webcams or spy on the activity we develop in our bank accounts.

What is the point of downloading a free antivirus?

A virus is a program and, as such, can be detected, controlled and removed from the system.

And these virtual systems are those programs destined to the detection of these viruses and to their cleaning and elimination.

They usually include other types of prevention utilities, which establish barriers to detect an attack and prevent the virus and other security applications from being installed.

There are a large number of free or paid antivirus programs offered by their developers for the most diverse operating systems and/or devices.

These free versions usually present some basic protection functionalities that consist of carrying out the two main functions that I have mentioned:

  • Detection and cleaning or removal of viruses residing in a system.
  • Establishment of a preventive system of detection of the viruses that want to penetrate the security of the device.
  • Encryption of data.
  • Generation of strong security keys that change randomly and periodically.

What are the main types of free antivirus for computer?

Although there are countless classifications, I can easily define 3 large groups of free antivirus for pc or mobile devices:

1º Preventive antivirus

They are designed to maintain security alerts and prevent new viruses from entering a clean or decontaminated system.

They are very effective, but the fact that they are stored and run from the memory of the device makes the system slower.

Among the best known are Firewalls.

2º Antivirus identifiers

They are those who are dedicated to scan the system for viruses residing in it that are acting or simply are in passive mode.

They can be executed in an automatic way, programming periodic revisions and because they are not working in a permanent way they do not affect the performance of the system.

3º Antivirus cleaning or decontamination

They are responsible for removing existing viruses and repairing any damage they may have caused to the system, whenever possible, restoring it to its original functionality.

Which are the best free antivirus to download on your PC, Mac or mobile?

You can download free antivirus for mobile devices (Android/iOS) or computers (Mac/Windows).

In the case of iOS or Mac, they have a security system or a package that is already established as standard and is hardly modifiable. Therefore, an antivirus will provide only a higher extra security add-on.

But, in the case of Android and Windows, systems that are more flexible and configurable through utilities and applications, these programs can take full control of the security on the devices.

Having made this clarification, I will begin by recommending the best free antivirus programs for each system:

Best free antivirus for PCs and mobile

Most developers offer the possibility to download for free a functional version, but that has limited certain functions.

If you want full functionality, you have to use the paid version of each manufacturer.

The main free antivirus for the PC platform with Windows and mobiles are the following:

1. Avast


Avast is one of the most consolidated and offers a very broad protection that incorporates automatic learning systems to Artificial Intelligence with “machine learning”, which establishes one of the most reliable shields in the market.

The truth is that Avast has been in the market since 1988, being during all these years a clear leader in the market.

This is just an obvious reason to try this free antivirus.

2. Comodo


Comodo is the one I usually use in my computers and it has a wide range of functions both in its free and paid version.

Among the main features of Comodo is its simple and easy to use interface and its sandboxing browser.

3. AVG Antivirus Free


According to digital security specialists, this is one of the best options and with the most extensive features available for free download.

The free antivirus “AVG” is available for both PCs and mobile devices.

4. Bitdefender


Bitdefender is highly valued by those who use laptops, as it is an effective antivirus that uses very few system resources and is also based on “machine learning”, thus having a better exploited interface.

Therefore, for all those who, like me, are continuously traveling to give classes and to events and congresses, Bitdefender could be the best free character of the market.

5. Kaspersky


Actually Kaspersky is one of the most consolidated computer security systems, but somewhat heavier and slower than the others.

Due to this, its installations are decreasing compared to the previous ones during the last years.

However, when it comes to detecting phishing and malware sites, Kaspersky is one of the most powerful on the market, so its name may sound a little familiar.

6. ESET Internet Security


This is a very lightweight free antivirus and its performance is optimal, so if you want to have maximum security without slowing down your PC too much, this could be the ideal alternative.

Being so light, ESET is quite convenient if your computer use is limited to working with your blog and/or surfing the Internet not so assiduously.

7. Norton Symantec


Although Norton is a payment protection system, it has 30 free days, where you can try it and enjoy its protection at no cost.

Norton has the following features and benefits:

With just one subscription, you can use it on PCs, Mac computers and mobile phones.

  • Before downloading some mobile Apps, it sends you a warning about any vulnerabilities it may present.
  • Clean up your hard drive to free up some more space, which is always appreciated.
  • Tracks your Internet connection while browsing, shopping online, and banking.
  • Protects you from social network scams.

8. Avira Free Antivirus


Avira is a free antivirus that has been protecting millions of users around the world since 1986, as you can imagine, it can never be of bad quality.

This is the case of Avira, which although less known than some of the previous ones, is at least as effective if you are using a conventional PC.

It has an addition: if after the free trial you want to buy it, if after 30 days you are not convinced, you can ask for a refund.


npav net protector

This true unknown of computer security is fully compatible with Windows 10 and also has a tracking power that has nothing to envy to the previously described.

The free antivirus “Npav” has a system that protects you from any download of files from the Internet to your local hard drive, so you no longer have to fear for those files that always tend to have some uncertainty.

Main antivirus free to download on Mac or iPhones

10. McAfee


Although Mcafee is perfectly compatible with Windows, its features also make it ideal for a Mac.

Mcafee offers a free trial month and then a monthly fee, but it’s worth it.

11. Antivirus 360

360 antivirus

If we talk about antivirus for Mac computers, one of the most widespread 360 antivirus, with millions of downloads and offering all the necessary functionality.

Although it is said that it gives you too many pop-up windows warning of various actions, in terms of computer security, 360 is a free antivirus with all the guarantees of being among the best.

Why should you install an antivirus on your own PC, Mac, or smartphone?

The proliferation of all kinds of viruses on the Internet is growing every day.

New programs and improved versions of previous viruses are constantly appearing, aimed at overcoming the barriers we put up, the detection systems and causing the damage for which they are developed.

Handling a PC, Mac or even a mobile device without these protection systems is almost a guarantee of suffering an attack soon, which will cause all the information to be lost or spied on.

Sometimes the system can be lost irretrievably.

This causes significant economic losses, which make it almost mandatory to install a free or paid antivirus of a certain quality and reputation.

Not only can they access data that affects the economy, for example, with keys from payment systems such as PayPal accounts or data from customers and third parties.

They can also access photographs and all kinds of files that provide them with information about personal relationships or family situations. Photographs of their children, which schools they go to or what activities they carry out and their schedules, etc.

They can even enter social networks and have conversations through video-chat systems, which gives intruders precise knowledge of when they are on holiday and have left their home unoccupied, what day they attend a party or when they enter the payroll.

What do common viruses do?

It is also becoming increasingly common to incorporate applications into mobile devices that remotely control alarm systems in the home or business.

These are some of the actions that can be carried out and we can see among the existing viruses today:

  • Alter the performance of a computer or mobile.
  • Make the operating system unable to start on the PC or mobile device.
  • Altering the functionalities of the operating system or causing damage to certain parts of it.
  • Send personal or third party information accessible on a device, without knowledge or consent and without leaving an obvious trace of this sending.
  • Make massive attacks to other computers and devices with which connection is established.
  • Proceed to send emails to contacts with unauthorized content.
  • Infect the backup copies, becoming residents in them.
  • Open the doors of a device to spies and unauthorized persons.
  • Extract certain selected information in a very short space of time.


There are countless free antivirus programs on the market that offer extensive cybersecurity features for all types of devices.

Normally the free versions are either more limited but functional, or have a limited trial period and then only be operational in paid mode.

Make sure that the best product for the needs to be covered and the performance of the devices is fundamental.