The Best Internet Download Managers for Android

Despite the constant transformation of technology and thus new alternatives for viewing all kinds of content on electronic devices, file downloads are still in use around the world today. While it is true that in the past large files were sectioned into multiple parts to simplify downloading, this required a lot of time and unfortunately was the “most effective” way to facilitate downloading. However, for some time download managers have been developed that mainly worked on desktops or laptops, but now it is possible to do it from Smartphones.

In this sense, download managers are designed to give users great control over their downloaded files and even more, with the possibility of managing them from mobile phones, since they are the devices on which people rely today, to store their important information and connect to the Internet. In this way, download managers have become an interesting tool to accelerate download speeds from different sources at the same time, in simple steps and little time. This means that through them, you can download files, use different apps and navigate from there, with a remarkable simplicity.

This is why, today we want to present you the most optimal solutions that all Android users have to manage their downloads, without the need to invest the minimum effort or time. Because these applications that you find in the Google Play Store, are responsible for doing everything thanks to its advanced functions to manage documents and folders, and even resume those that were paused.

List of the 7 best Internet download managers for your Android phone

Next we show you a list of the best Internet download manager for Android

Advanced Download Manager

android sdk manager download

It is one of the most powerful apps for Android around the management of downloads on these devices, first because it allows you to download three files simultaneously, no matter what type they are and also offers accelerated installations through multiple threads (nine parts at the same time).

In addition, Advanced Download Manager automatically recognizes files or downloadable links from any predetermined browser, taking into account that it is compatible with Chrome, Boat Browser, Dolphin, among others.

For its part, this IDM option for Android exhibits a simple to use and very clean interface, which manages to cover many relevant features. Among them, the resumption of downloads in any case of disconnection or if the platform is restarted.

It also provides backup copies of the download list, excellent program settings to the SD card, facility planner, and an integrated browser for sites that need to be identified before being made. It even has more than 2 GB to support the files you want.

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus

This is another of the recommended apps for Android to manage file downloads on the device, which also has an integrated browser and gives the ease of downloading to an SD card directly. Among other advantages, the software is completely free and takes up few MB on your mobile or Tablet. Although experts say that its interface has been designed especially for Tablets, it is still a good alternative for Smartphones.

In addition, with Download Accelerator Plus you can resume downloads at any time, even after they’ve been interrupted, and it allows you to set a maximum download speed in case you don’t want the terminal’s bandwidth to run out.

Additionally, it has a tool for automatically capturing links when you click or copy downloadable links, another to summarize supported links and adds a feature that supports all file types with large file sizes from the leading file-sharing websites. It is compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, default browser and the only negative point it shows is that it does not have a selection of scheduled downloads.

Turbo Download Manager (and Browser)

Turbo Download Manager

This application has the ability to detect and download multiple files, whether documents, images, audios, videos, zip, etc.. From any web browser on your phone or Tablet Android. Among its peculiarities, we highlight that it consecrates accelerated downloads with multiple overprocesses of up to 10 threads and has a “Moto Turbo” to maximize the number of threads when you need it.

In addition, it does not limit the number of files downloaded, as it supports up to 4 GB and allows you to download files from the SD card and retry the downloads failed by the Internet reconnection.

For its part, this app that you find for free in the Google Play Store, combines Wi-Fi network connections and the same cell phone to optimize your facilities. It also has a multimedia library for easy access to all files and the program can be installed in any language you want, be it Spanish, English, French, Italian or Portuguese.

Fast Download Manager

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Another of the ideal download managers for Android is Fast Download Manager which is also a quick and easy solution, increases and accelerates the download speed of any file (images, music, videos, programs, office documents, PDF, ZIP, etc.), as it uses multiple connections for this purpose.

It also has options to pause, cancel and restart any download when you need it and it works perfectly, since it allows you to download files even when the app is running in the background.

For its part, this manager automatically detects all the links from the web browser or if you prefer, you can add each link manually. It also gives you the ability to set the maximum number of parallel downloads, resume those that are paused or broken, optimize the buffer size and finally, supports several languages (Spanish, English, French, among others).

Loader Droid

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The app is specially designed for Android devices, is free, easy to use and completely stable. In this sense, it is considered as one of the best download managers, as it has good features for it.

Thus, we emphasize its renewable download capacity that refers to the download anywhere it was interrupted, as well as the automatic download pause (in case the connection is lost) and the auto-restart that is responsible for restoring the process when the Internet connection returns to work properly.

On the other hand, Loader Droid supports installations in multiple streams, which manages to accelerate them up to a triple and gives you the option of specifying which connection is allowed to download each link separately, either 3G or Wi-Fi, in order to properly direct the execution. It also has a built-in browser and when you use it, you can save the file to the device or to an SD memory…

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torrent download manager for android

You can download it for free at the Google Play Store and start enjoying one of the best download management applications for Android devices, since with this program you will no longer have to search several web pages to download files without so many complications.

This is because it has an integrated web browser that adds more simplicity to its interface. This integrated browser contains an arrow button at the bottom right and once you press it, the app starts analyzing the page and searches for links and downloadable files.

GetThemAll, fortunately, is compatible with most sites and thus, is estimated as one of the most intelligent and versatile file analyzers for this operating system. In addition, it allows you to share files on Google Drive and Yandex Disc or send them to a computer via a Wi-Fi network very easily and has the option to download in background mode. Finally, it has a version without advertising but it is expensive.

Android Download Manager


This app overcomes many limitations of a common administrator and can provide you with a fast and neatly secure download experience. It allows free download of any file in the first place and has tools to provide excellent download speeds that are up to three times faster than other downloaders.

In reference to its interface, “Internet download manager for Android” is easy to use and adds both a file manager and an integrated browser. The browser supports basic HTTP authentication for web pages, has a bookmark manager, allows searches on Google, YouTube, Yahoo and even Twitter, offers fast search with default voice recognition and integrates address bar with auto-suggestion based on history.

However, regarding the particularities of the Download and File Manager, it gives the possibility of adding an arbitrary download link, provides a reliable restart for those that are interrupted, allows opening several files in different applications installed on the mobile and provides the identification number of those that are active.

In addition, it is compatible with downloads through several parallel processes with multitasking system and with this application, you can share what you want in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, among others.