What are The Best Pages and Search Engines to Download Torrent Files that are not Blocked? List 2020

Torrents files are what solve our lives today, allowing us to download movies, series and even video games with just a few clicks. Every day, the pages that give us access to these kinds of files are growing more and more.

It is true that it is illegal, but it is also true that it allows us to distract ourselves as often as we want. Its operation is not very complicated, so we will explain later how the cycle from uploading to downloading is.

In addition, we will show you a list of pages that allow us to create Torrents files of all kinds, although some are more complicated than others, but even so all are an excellent option.


How does a Torrent download file really work?

It is that file that is stored on a single server with online hosting (Cloud) where thousands of users have access to downloading it. Although they are not only downloaded but also can be uploaded to the same sites.

From the point of view of us as users, we can say that it has a totally simple operation, just upload or download as many files as we want and that the platform we use allows us.


For example, a Torrent file is created and uploaded to a specific site. This must be previously compressed, or in some cases the same platforms must compress, they must be published, or they must be shared through links that can be shared at the same time by other means as the mail, and then the appropriate client is executed to process and resolve the compressed file.

This is complemented by a series of algorithms and steps that can be more complicated in depth, even just mention it, but basically work this way. Large amounts of infrastructure are created in different servers so that downloads are faster and do not collapse.

How can I enter the best Torrent website for downloading Torrent files, even if it has been blocked by your operator?

If we can’t access a specific page, it may be because it’s blocked for our region or because it simply doesn’t accept our IP. This is common with sites that store Torrents and is because they are somehow considered illegal, so the authorities in our region prevent access.

All this certainly depends on the IP address and our proxy configuration that dictates our connection point (country and region). The solution to this problem is usually to change proxies and IP addresses, the truth is that this is the most appropriate solution.

However, this has its drawbacks, which require an annoying configuration, and usually pay a monthly fee for its use. For this reason, there is a large group of people who do not use this alternative.

Today we are going to explain some methods that will be just as useful as the previous one, although they have nothing to do with an IP or proxy configuration.

Use the cache

It is a method that we can only use if we have visited the page before, because the browser caches the pages with the copy structure, images and colors of the last time we were there.

To access the browser’s search engine bar (URL or link) just type in the following URL and type it in: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:tu URL

Where your URL says that you just paste the link to the site to be visited, but beware, because we shouldn’t copy the http or https.

Use a service to read later

By using an application that requests to be able to read content, you will bypass the blockade, as this will be done from a different physical address. However, if we don’t, it’s because the server we want to use has a physical address that’s the same as ours, or it’s within the sites that don’t have access to the web.

It will show us the page in a read format, so if we want to see videos we won’t be able to, because it only allows us to see texts. Considered a disadvantage by many.

Convert to PDF

Converting a website into a pdf is a virtue that you will find in some of the pages that offer this service. Although they have other applications, it is interesting to see how we can use it to enjoy a blocked canvas.

Sites like Web2PDFconvert.com, allow us to paste URls and convert pages to PDF documents. The function is almost similar to the previous method, and that is that by using a different IP, the page can be authorized for them, and in turn offer it in a format that allows us to read only.

As already mentioned is only read and detects only a few links, so you should take advantage of and retrieve all the information you can to make this method useful.

Use the Google Translator

It’s a trick that sometimes works, although the way it works, we can’t explain it exactly, but if we can teach you how to use it. For example, we paste the URL we’re going to use into the translator’s tray, translate it, and on the other hand (other tray) we click on it, and the page has to be loaded.

You should know that this method does not work for everyone who tries it, but it is never too much to try. A lot of people comment on this trick, because sometimes it makes fun of the fence and gives us access.

Use a URL shortener

URL shorteners are among the best known because they allow us to get a different link, but shorter than a very long one. Most people use them to post to Facebook or Twitter, but they have a different tool.

If we cut the links to sites that are blocked for us, we can access the web. Enter the link in the cutter and use the new link to cross the barrier and access the site.

Although if the previous method is not something that works 100% 100%, we can say that it is useful 60% because there is still 40% obtained from indicators that tell us that they do not have access to the web.

Websites for downloading Torrent files

The Pirate BaySeries.ly Rapidshare
SkyTorrents Latelete HDFull
EZTV Estrenos DTL Tomadivx
KickAss Mejortorrent EliteTorrent
ExtraTorrent Torrent Paradise Todotorrents
TorrentRapid Spatorrent DivxTotal
TuMejorTorrent GNULA Megadede
SeriesDanko Pordede Bajui
HispaShare Series Blanco Series Pepito
Pelis24 RARBG Plusdede
IsoHunt Papyre FB2 DDMix

The list of the best pages to download 100% active Torrents

Downloads via these links have become very popular, especially in the last 5 years when even the authorities wanted to impose censorship. Here is a selection of the best sites to download files over P2P networks.



This is the page created after Kickass closed Torrents, with the same creators, who were forced by forced closures to create a new website that allows all users to get links to Torrents files.



iDope is one of the safest sites we can find on the internet because it does not store information about the activities we do on the site. In addition, unlike other sites, we will not find boring ads.

The interface is quite minimalistic and offers a wide variety of options and features, such as massive downloads. And to enjoy it on Android, we can download your mobile application.



It is a website that allows us to watch television programmes, mainly series. To use it, just follow a few steps:

  • We register, and choose the username and password, and the advantage is that we don’t need email to do this process.
  • Then we choose the series, select the programs we want to use on the website or favorite Torrent client and add them to our list.

As we have seen, it is very easy to use this page, and it makes our lives easier because it has magnetic links, which allow us to download Torrents without downloading packages or Torrents files.



This website is a site that we can use to download Torrents from different categories, such as games, series, movies or TV shows. It also gives us a very useful and clear data interface that allows us to have a fairly simple web.



If you want to download the TV series, just go to this site. It offers several features that make the site an excellent place to download or download Torrents, with great reliability in all its processes, and in the filtering system, especially for a certain quality.



SeedPeer is a fairly simple site with some details that allow us to tell you that it is not comfortable at all, but still has some features that make it very useful.

It allows us to search in a range of interfaces with over 3 million Torrent files, with very entertaining movie and series content.


In a search engine that was launched in 2008, and which is one of the most advanced and specialized in content for television (considered the main course), besides that you can also find software content and games.

About, it has more than 369 indexed files, and according to the latest information we have from this search engine, it is currently blocked in the United Kingdom, and is still available in the rest of the countries.



It is a search engine with domain.org, which allows us to benefit from a large number of indexed files for Torrent’s downloads, in a word that is all we need. It is one of the most widely used search engines of Torrents customers, or web pages, to find files in each category.



It is a site that gives us the best files in terms of series and movies, in addition to having a fairly organized interface system that gives us the ability to find everything we are looking for.

It offers a menu of categories that allow us to do research, anime, movies and series up to adult movies. Although the main disadvantage is that we have to make sure that children or minors have access to it, because their ads are adult content.



It is an engine with a scripting language that allows us to search different websites until we find the Torrent file we want. It works according to open source guidelines, allowing us to achieve fast and organized results.

The name comes from Argentina and ends in Che, so we will know that the name is aimed at an entire Argentinian audience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit the site.



It is a Torrent search engine that currently has more than 60 million indexed pages, which means that by using it, we have a thousand percent chance of finding out who we are bucardos. Something that we can emphasize a lot of this site is that it has no form of advertising, being an important feature for most of us.

It is not only that this search engine not only indexes this by doing so. The pages on this website are the most prestigious, telling us that they are the most up-to-date and have the best content.



It is a website that gives us access to a large number of Torrents documents, the motto is “We update our Torrent index regularly with the most popular Torrents”, so it gives us as a reference that we will always find the most recent content of billboards.

To find what we’re looking for, we can use your own content search engine and then select it to download. As on the previous site, we can enjoy all of their services without seeing any advertising that bothers us.



It is the most popular place because it is the oldest and most popular place among the users of Torrent. Moreover, it is always looking for your security, so when you enter the site, we see a message telling us “He can track your data” and telling us to click on “Hide your IP address”.

The interface is quite simple and categorized, so we can find the most remarkable content based on what we like, and when we talk about content, we are also talking about movies, applications, books, music, games, anime, TV, series and more…



This is a good site, where many people decide to download their Torrent files, but the only downside is that we can’t do anonymous downloads because we have to create an account. Their content is very broad and the chances of us finding what we are looking for are very high.



It is one of the closest search engines for Google, but in this case the Torrents files. The configuration and adaptation to the users is fast, we will always feel comfortable using it. We can also see that downloading is very fast, so we don’t have to do a huge process.

It indexes more than 450 sites, but the most popular, so that our results are always to our liking, with HD content and good sound.



It is a legendary portal, which allows us to download a large number of Torrents files in a few minutes and in a few clicks. For this 2020 somes with excellent content and a powerful search engine.

This is very useful and excellent, but to be able to use it we need a VPN, and it is also highly recommended to install an adblock to avoid the annoying ads that are included in the page.



A website where you can find documentaries, series and films at any time. With a few clicks we can download any Torrents file, from the most popular to the oldest.

Today we can also find a way to download games, which attracts a lot of attention from young users. It’s a very popular site, so you’ll always find a name for it as an alternative to downloading Torrents files.



In the P2P world it is one of the most sought after because it allows us to download excellent Torrent files, offering us a great community to discuss the best movies, animations or video games that are available on the page.

It has a reputation of 10 years of continuous service and continuous improvement. It is a site that is constantly evolving, and if this is what we are looking for, we will never get tired.



We can call it the “Titanic Page” because it is huge, it has a large number of servers that allow us to download everything we want, and its use is completely free, even if we know that it also offers a Premium version that leads us to a larger amount of content.

It should be noted that this is a copy that is quite close to the original that closed this year, but is still excellent.



It is a site that guarantees us that we can watch all types of films online, and that we can always watch the latest films with the best quality on the market. The library is very extensive, so if we want to have old films, enter your name in the search engine and we will find it.

The platform is compatible with all types of devices, so if you use it from a PC or mobile phone, you can also use all the features.


It is the best known portal to download all the series that we want. It is the best place to see from the oldest to the most current series, with each of the chapters in an enviable quality.

Although what is disadvantageous for many people is that all of its content comes with their original language, so if we only speak Spanish, we will be a small problem.

We know that this is not the original page, but we can say that it is the twin sister, because the content is very similar to the previous one.



It is a fairly simple site, but with a library of more than 4 million fully verified Torrent files, with 40% TV content and the rest of the movies. Apart from being simple, it is one of the most sought after by film lovers.


It gives us a large collection of Torrents files, from the most remarkable to the least researched. And the best part is that it has files in all categories so that we feel comfortable.

In this portal we always find the latest movies from the cinema, and the most current chapters of our favorite series. Ideal for downloading series that we want to see, but that are no longer sent.



By seeing this portal at a glance, we know that we will find everything we are looking for, as well as all the series taking place in the United States, so that you have a wider range of content. It has now checked more than 5,000 links to extract all these files we like.


It is an excellent site in Spanish that allows us to obtain documents, films, series, games and much more. One of the advantages is that it offers us a free advertising service.

It has a fairly simple interface and includes the best programs from Universal Channel, Fox, HBO and Warner Channel.



For the current 2020 options we can also consider Torrentfunk, although as one of the portals we mentioned, we need to install and configure a VPN using ad blocker, but the rest is an excellent site.

From this portal we will have access to a huge amount of content that allows us to download books, audio, video and television programs, being a site that adapts to all our needs.



Although it is not a very well-known site, it is one of the most popular, and this despite its simplicity, it offers us a large number of links always updated and active to download a Torrents file.

It is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to use a VPN, because the security of our identity on this site is not very high, we say.



Torrentdownload is one of the sites that offers the most competition for other Torrents portals, not only because it offers an excellent interface and user-friendliness, but also because it gives us different servers to extract the Torrents that we want, and with an increased security that we can find.

On this site we always find movies, games, anime, TV shows, shows, software and many other things.



It is a page that offers us musical content, with a range of more than 23 thousand albums. It is a well-known site in Russia and Europe. His fame is not so much for his name as for what he really offers. And it is that despite the fact that we only offer documents in Russian, we already know that music has no languages, so you can download all genres.



Finally, let’s leave this page which allows us to obtain Torrents files via P2P, based on the basic site, which was DameDivX, which unfortunately is a site that is still being pursued and the chance that we can change domain is very high.



KicKass is one of the best P2P brands in the world, founded in 2009. You have easy access to all the files you need. Lately it has some drawbacks, because pages at this level are still being harassed. In fact, the authorities have suspended the original domain and are collaborating with the other domain I have placed. The interface is the best, very simple, you can find the latest in music, games, TV movies, you should always have it in the download list.



It is one of the largest bittorrent sites in the world. It offers streaming content, if you are a user with a good connection, take advantage of this option. It has checked more than 3,000,000 torrent files. It is a real alternative to the alternative that its adherents are getting bigger every day for operation and security. It has recently entered the Spanish-speaking market, so it certainly cannot be missing from your list of pages.



You have an extraordinary list of free films on your site. It is well structured, has a news area where you can discover all the firsts that have been added to the portal, as well as the upcoming movies and TV series. The design is bold, easy to navigate, even for the most inexperienced torrent users. The site communicates with Internet users, has a comment section, so you can give your opinion on the movies and on the page. Highly recommended under the download portals.



This is another Spanish-language flood that launches into the game to offer the best content for downloading movies, the real domain name is estrenosgo.com, but as I already told you, to avoid legal harassment, it often changes domain.

It gives you the latest releases of the seventh edition of the 2020 seventh art in Spanish and in the original language in HD format, without a doubt this site has no competition. Also you can get the best TV series of the moment. In addition, he has a blog on various topics, in case he challenges you to read. You can not miss it.



It has a database that has nothing to envy of the competition. It is an easy to use portal because the design is simple. It has almost all the firsts and also includes films from the fifties until now. As for the television series, more than 250 chapters are downloaded daily. One of its strong points is the categorisation of content, making it one of the best portals in its field.



You’ll find thousands of films and series at your disposal, but also a plus: German, French and international films in their original language with Spanish subtitles. The portal offers you a search function by collection and year. You can buy old and new titles. You can also download documents and audio files. No doubt you should consider this portal in your download list.



Subtorrents is the last page of the list that is still active despite attempts by the authorities to close the list. Here you can obtain audiovisual documents in English with subtitles, hence the name. When you enter, you get a format: left the movies and right the series. The content is up-to-date and through the portal menu you can easily access the portal menu. You must create an account, but the best thing is that there is no advertising.