How do I Configure uTorrent to Download Faster and Correctly?

Today, as streaming services have become one of the most common ways to enjoy different content, whether it’s music, videos, movies, books or software, the term “torrent” is getting more and more powerful and shows a remarkable boom for all these processes of downloading multiple elements. However, much of the information that is downloaded by some of these media and shared as it is downloaded, they do so illegally by usurping copyright. Thus, they are exposed to legal sanctions depending on each country.

However, several of the torrents that exist today refer to a legitimate technology that works very well for sharing large files online. One such alternative is uTorrent, which is estimated to be the most widely used torrent client on Windows systems and can be confirmed to be a stable, functional and very light client that even performs excellently on older computers with limited resources. This has been created by the same experts who developed the BitTorrent protocol.

In this sense, due to the great use of the uTorrent client, we want to provide you with the ideal mechanisms for it to achieve downloads more quickly and correctly. So, you can use a much more efficient client that works without any inconvenience, from options that you can combine to tell it to use the Internet connection getting the most out of it and in such a way, find an equivalent and optimized setting.


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What is uTorrent for and what are its advantages?

Today, uTorrent is considered the best torrent client with a great advantage over the rest, taking into account that it began as a light and functional torrent client, to become the most requested tool and used by many users worldwide.


It is a program that is dedicated to the download of various types of files, especially, which, as we mentioned, includes audios, videos, games, software and many other contents of interest that are generally shared online.

Also, this program uses the P2P protocol and from there, allows the download of files between peers, efficiently. Although, it is not superfluous to use some alternatives to significantly accelerate the process and in the best possible way to maximize and squeeze all the virtues of the software.

Thus, its operation is based on uploading and downloading files for other users who have them. Achieving in such a way, that they obtain the data directly from the computers of the users that have them in the network, so that they do not have the need to be subject to a certain server.

For this reason, uTorrent has several advantages for its users and among the most important, we highlight the following:

  • Share information with great simplicity: Being files stored in the devices of users, all information can be shared with others using torrents without having to use specialized servers as mediators for downloads.
  • Download any type of file regardless of your size: Luckily, this program allows you to download large files, even those that include a considerable amount on the hard drive. For example, heavy videogames that commonly must be downloaded in parts to get them in their entirety. But with this software this is not necessary, as complete files can be downloaded immediately.
  • Making use of simultaneous downloading: Another benefit is that you can download several files at the same time. That way, you can obtain downloads simultaneously optimizing your time and that of the computer.
  • You can prevent the information from being lost: Although it is true that in some commercial servers, there is a probability that the data contained can be erased for any reason (computer intrusion, technical failures, etc.), but using uTorrent there is no place for it. Bearing in mind that the downloadable information is located on the users’ own computers, and with this, they issue backups that allow the data to be kept safe.
  • It allows to continue with downloads from a previous point: The functions, give the facility to continue the downloads of any type of file in certain point of the process of this one. Since, in many cases, power outages occur or the equipment is accidentally shut down.

Steps to configure uTorrent and speed up downloads to the maximum

With the procedure below, you can get faster and more efficient downloads through uTorrent. So, take each of these step by step and then speed up the process of getting your files online.

Download and install

First of all, download the program from its official website and install it on your computer. Once you are on this website, choose the download you want to make, either free or paid. It is important to point out that the paid version has additional functions to the free one, such as: a multimedia player, a recorder, an antivirus and it is also free of advertisements.


– Download uTorrent Official Web for Windows

– Download uTorrent Official Web for Mac


Now, when you download uTorrent, you are ready to start the installation process, which luckily is very simple. Next, we’ll leave you with the steps to run:

  • Locate the downloaded file and double-click on it, this will connect to uTorrent servers and proceed to download the latest version for optimal installation. Just wait a few seconds to see the installation window.
  • When you see the installation window, you must read and accept the license terms to continue with the process.
  • After that, the installation software itself will ask you several questions about the basic settings. Generally, all options are already selected and therefore you should leave them checked. However, you should remove the “Check” from the “Start uTorrent on Windows startup” option, so that it does not run automatically when the computer is turned on. The other selections correspond to the Windows firewall and will therefore associate all the torrent files with uTorrent, so that they are managed automatically.
  • Afterwards, you must be very careful not to install the advertising program that the application shows you. Therefore, it is necessary that you reject these requests, in order to avoid occupying more unwanted space in the system.
  • In order to finish the installation process, after rejecting all the programs of advertising character, it will start the same one and it only remains to wait a small time for it to be completed satisfactorily.


After downloading the software, open it and enter its options menu. In this section, access the option “Preferences” by double clicking on it or if you want, you can use the keyboard and with the combination “Ctrl+P” this same selection will be opened.


Now, to start configuring uTorrent, follow these steps:

  • When you go to “Preferences”, you will see a field that says “General” and that’s where you need to access. This section allows you to choose the language of the program and point out its integration with Windows. Whether you prefer uTorrent to run when you turn on your computer, or whether it is best minimized in the system tray for you to access manually.
  • On the other hand, you can indicate your preferences regarding software updates, as this allows you to choose to install them automatically (basically this option is used), or add uTorrent betas in these updates.
  • Another alternative that you have at hand in the “General” menu is to enter a key to unlock the program and to prevent the PC from going to sleep if you start a download.

UI Settings

Now, you can access the “UI Settings” section that is located on the left hand side in the second position, to adjust (with a “check”), many options of the program and also, uTorrent notifications. Among these:


  • Display options: Confirm when deleting uTorrent, confirmation dialog when exiting, confirm exiting with critical seeds, among others.
  • Configure minimized: Show icon in tray, show help in system tray, always activated when clicking, etc..
  • When adding torrent: Activate program window, show the options to modify the name and location of the torrent data, etc.
  • Double-click actions.

It is worth noting that these settings do not influence the performance of uTorrent, they are simply alternatives for the platform to look as you see fit.


This section of uTorrent, allows you to change or configure where you save the downloads you make through the program, ie, allows you to customize the route and location of them. Among the most interesting options, we find pointing out the folder where uTorrent stores the files while the download process is finished and also the location when it finishes downloading them.


So you can be sure that the files will be saved in different folders and thus improve the organization. By default, the program will store them in the “Documents” folder on your computer.

In this sense, the main sections it exhibits are “Locate downloaded files” and “Locate downloaded torrent”. With which, fortunately, you can keep the storage distributed on computer and thereby avoid saturating the hard drive. In short, you can create the folder you want for it or select the one you prefer.


Another of the submenus of this configuration, is the “Connection” and is where you can adjust the information regarding the ports of uTorrent, either leave one open on your router or instead, open the default in this software and you can also configure the uPnP selection that allows you to use the ports on demand as required and thus, not have to open them manually.


This is only possible if your router is compatible. Now, in case you have problems with downloads, it is advisable to press the “Random Port” button. But even if you connect to uTorrent through a Proxy, you can also modify the settings to optimize the Internet connection and not experience any kind of problem.


This section gives you the facility to limit the upload or download in uTorrent. In order to do this, you must bear in mind the capacity of the connection you have, placing as an example of 10 MB, this global speed limit must be configured as follows:


  • Upload: No limit, to use 100% of the line or have a margin of 800 kb/s to navigate.
  • Down: Also without limit to use the full capacity of the line.

You can also indicate the maximum number of connections that uTorrent must make. For this and for pair connections, it is recommended to leave the values as they are adjusted and should not be increased much, as this generates a saturation in the router and for sure, it will not work the best way.


This section includes a variety of basic functions of the recognized BitTorrent protocol, which are advanced. But among these, the most special is the uTorrent encryption protocol that allows you to avoid inconveniences when using uTorrent for downloads and also prevent your Internet access provider to limit the speed of P2P transfers. In other words, this protocol is capable of restricting the mentioned traffic from slowing down in any way.


To ensure this, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Encryption Protocol” at the bottom of this section.
  • As you will see, it is “Disabled” and therefore, you should change this in the tab to the “Enabled” option. Just like checking the box next to it, called “Allow incoming legacy connections”.
  • By doing so, you will prevent your ISP from limiting or even blocking uTorrent download traffic.

Transfer Cap

If you are one of the users who does not have a flat rate Internet and want to limit the amount of megabytes that the program consumes day to day or during the month, the “Transfer Cap” section allows you to do it easily, which is very helpful and is one of the best features rated uTorrent.


Therefore, you simply need to “Enable Transfer Cap” with the check located just to the left hand side. Thanks to this, you can ensure that when a certain volume of downloads is reached in a given time interval, the same software allows data to be uploaded or downloaded automatically. Now, if you don’t want to limit this, just leave the option unchecked and continue configuring others to your liking.


This section refers to the “Download Queue” options, which, while true, have an effect on the number of files that can be downloaded at the same time. In other words, this is the selection in which it is possible to configure the number of maximum active downloads and the total number of maximum active torrents.


In general, the default values are good and if you have an excellent Internet connection, you don’t need to limit simultaneous tasks too much, since it is better to take advantage of this to distribute different operations.

In this sense, the section gives you the facility to achieve a good rate of increase and this will optimize your future downloads, since it shares competitions and does not eliminate them when you download them; taking into account that P2P networks work better when more users share a file, to download it easier.


As its name indicates, this section allows you to plan the operation of uTorrent and from it, you can set on what day of the week or at what precise time, download the files at a specific speed or even when you want it to stop.


This means that, through the “Scheduler” you can customize the available bandwidth, including upload and download. This is extremely useful to take advantage of the downtime of your computer and also not affect other tasks when it is busy.

So, to activate it, simply tick the box located in “Enable scheduler” at the start of the window, but if you are not interested in this option, just leave it disabled and continue configuring other alternatives.


This is a remote control with which uTorrent has and focuses on giving other options to its users to monitor and manage all the downloads that are being made, from anywhere they are located. This is mainly due to the fact that now people not only use a computer, but for most of the time, they make use of various electronic devices and especially mobile phones.


In this sense, what you have to do is “Enable access to remote uTorrent” and then choose a username along with a password in order to control everything remotely from a mobile phone or even from a tablet. So you have two options:

  • Connect from any browser, no matter where you are.
  • Watch the download processes from your smartphone, thanks to the options provided by the official uTorrent application, especially for Android devices.


Among other options, this program has its own music and video player, in order to allow its users to watch movies without having to leave the application or listen to music. With this, you only have to double click on the downloaded file, either a video or a movie, to play it from uTorrent without using additional applications.


However, if you prefer to use your player or preset the program you like to allow this type of content to be displayed, you can also do so. Just select it in the drop-down menu, you will see a list of players that your computer has installed and of such a monkey, proceed to configure the software to work in conjunction with that multimedia application, in the option “Choose your external media player”.


This alternative to the program’s “Preferences” menu has been developed in order to synchronize other devices with which you use uTorrent; be it another computer, any mobile phone or a tablet.


As you can see, in the window you can see a kind of list where you can add the “Name” and the details in reference to the “Date Added”. At the end, there is a button that allows you to “Forget Paired Device”.


Specifically, this section allows you to include tags to all the files you download, in order to make the searches for each of these easier and faster to carry out. For example, you can put the label “movies” to the movies you are downloading and so on, being a good option also to customize the files.


It also has two sections. The first refers to the “Auto Label” that allow you to configure it automatically. So every time you add a new file, if it is the same type that is configured, it is added with that tag. For its part, the other section is based on “Label-Directory Mapping” which is also very useful to keep organized all downloadable data.


The last alternative shown in the “Preferences” menu refers to a section of advanced options, from which the following aspects can be modified:


  • Interface Extras: To improve the visual appearance of uTorrent.
  • Cache: Tools around the operation of the program’s cache.
  • Web interface: Either activate a web interface and configure authentication, as well as information regarding connectivity options and download folders.
  • Run: With options for a program to run at the end of a download automatically.

However, these aspects are predetermined for the purpose of a smooth functioning of the software that attaches to all computers, usually. Simply change them if you have knowledge of each of the tools and want to do it.

Setting the download and upload speed limit in uTorrent

Finally, uTorrent allows its users to configure and adjust the speed limit for downloading and uploading any type of file, depending on the bandwidth they use on their computer. Which is practically impossible to determine without adequate help and also is important to do in order to keep your router protected and optimized, so that it can download at full speed and use the maximum power of the Internet.

In this sense, we have decided to provide you with a table detailing the types of connections and the most appropriate download and upload speed for each of them, which we present below so that you can configure your torrent and use it advantageously, as well as avoiding future damage to your router:

Connection class                                                           Optimum download and upload speed

Connections from 1 Mbps to 300 Kbps                         Download 500 Kbps and upload 150 Kbps

Connections from 3 Mbps to 300 Kbps                         Download 2000 Kbps and upload 150 Kbps

Connections from 6 Mbps to 600 Kbps                         Download 4000 Kbps and upload 400 Kbps

Connections from 10 Mbps to 1 Mbps                          Download 8000 Kbps and upload 800 Kbps

Connections from 20 Mbps to 1 Mbps                          Download 15000 Kbps and upload 800 Kbps

Connections from 30 Mbps to 3 Mbps                           Downloads of 20000 Kbps and uploads of 2000 Kbps.

Connections from 50 Mbps to 5 Mbps                            Download 40000 Kbps and upload 4000 Kbps

Connections from 100 Mbps to 10 Mbps                        Download 80000 Kbps and upload 8000 Kbps

Connections from 200 Mbps to 20 Mbps                        Download 150000 Kbps and upload 15000 Kbps

Connections from 500 Mbps to 50 Mbps                        Download 450000 Kbps and upload 45000 Kbps