What are The Best Applications to Download Music for Free from YouTube?

YouTube has become one of the most widely used web platforms in the world and which today has a large number of active users, thus being one of the most visited. In addition, it is characterized by moving a significant level of traffic, where daily to its platform are loaded thousands of video worldwide and with millions of reproductions. Without a doubt, it has become one of the main entertainment sites for users.

However, there is no direct way to download videos or live music from YouTube’s own platform. Something that many daily users want to do in order to be able to save the videos of their favorite singers or favorite scenes on their mobile device in an easy and fast way.

That’s why today there are a lot of applications that will help you perform this action, and which are available for both Android and iOS devices, and which you will be able to download either from Google Play and App Store. In this way, here we present you which are the best applications to download music and videos from this website.


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List of the 12 best applications to download music and songs for free from YouTube videos for Android and iOS

Most people today like to have on their Smartphone their favorite songs to listen at any time in a quick and easy way and also without the need to be connected to the Internet.

To do this, we use web portals such as YouTube where you can find everything related to music especially new topics. That’s why here we’ll show you which are the best mobile Apps you can use to download music and videos for free from this platform in a very simple way.



App is currently available for Android devices and is catalogued as one of the best tools on the market. With Snaptube you can download mp3 music and videos to your mobile without the need to subscribe to a paid service. Today it is considered one of the most effective tools on mobile devices.

Snaptube gives you the possibility to download music in mp3 and mp4 format to your Smartphone from the Youtube platform. This allows you to listen to your favorite music at any time without the need to have an Internet connection or wait for it to load. In addition, it also allows you to download videos from the platform.



This is another of the applications available for Android mobile phones and is perhaps not one of the most popular on the market today. With Peggo you can download mp3 music and videos either from the YouTube or SoundCloud platform and it is as effective as Snaptube.

It has a very attractive interface that allows you to download thousands of songs, as well as listen to streaming songs if you do not want to save them on your computer, either because you have little space available or for any other reason.

As for how it works you will find on its main page a search box, there you just have to copy the link of the YouTube video address you want to download, either in mp3 only or video.



This App has become one of the best solutions for iPhone and Android users, as far as downloading music is concerned, you can download them in mp3 format for free.

To do this, you can download SaveFrom from the App Store or Google Play and start using it in a very simple way, just copy the video link in the search engine of the application, choose the format in which you want to download and start it, this will only take a few minutes depending on the duration of playback.

SaveFrom is considered today as one of the most complete App on the market. In addition, it allows you to install an extension so that you can enter from it directly to Youtube.



Another application available on the market for mobile devices and which is characterized by its excellent performance and safety at the time of downloading. However, due to its great success many Apps similar to this program have been created with the aim of confusing users and which are full of viruses and malware. That is why it is recommended to download Tubemate directly from its official site Tubemate.net to avoid this type of actions.

An application that will allow you to download all kinds of songs and that functions perfectly, thus avoiding having operating errors in its internal system. But it should be noted that compared to other programs of this type does not have a very nice design or as perfect as others, being this a reason for some users not to be inclined by it.



This is another option that you can find in the market available for Android equipment. However, this is not in Google Play, which means that in order to install it you must have enabled the option “install applications from unknown sources” on your mobile, this can be modified in the menu “Settings” > “Security” and activate this option.

With Tinytunes you can download music in mp3 format and videos in a very simple and fast and completely free, to install it you can do so through this link:

Gtunes Music


One of the most advanced programs in this area, has very powerful search engines to find any song you want, is always updating what would allow you to find those newer songs.

In addition, it allows you to download direct from YouTube in a very fast and secure Mp3 format. However, as with Tinytunes, this program is not in Google Play, so you will have to install it as an unknown application on your mobile.

YouTube Downloader

Youtube downloader

An ideal application to associate with the YouTube website and start downloading your favorite music in mp3 format for your mobile device. You can do this in a very simple and fast, which will allow you to have your favorite songs on your Smartphone and listen to them without having to spend megabytes or use a WiFi network.

As for its operation is very simple, simply download it on your computer and start using it, for it within the Downloader menu will appear a search bar, there you must place the link to the song you want to download and choose the format. In a matter of seconds or minutes it will be in the menu of your mobile.



If you are looking for a simple App for your mobile but able to meet the music download from the Youtube website, then Videoder is one of the best options for you. In it you can find a web search engine, which will help you search for content beyond the music but it should be noted that it is less extensive to the rest of the market.

At the time of downloading you can download content in video or audio only, you select the quality the same as well as the format. It also gives you the ability to create your own download list in case you want to download two or more songs at once. As for its interface and design and quite simple but is considered a very good App to download multimedia content.



A quite interesting application that is free software. In it you will be able to see reproductions of Youtube, to reproduce music in background, to download songs only in mp3, among many other functions. In addition, it is characterized by being a fairly lightweight program and easy to use.

However, it’s important to mention that you don’t need Google Play to download it. Therefore, you can search it through Google or its official site and download it to your mobile device. A great tool to carry out this kind of action.

Softorino YouTube Converter

Softorino youtube converter

Softorino is available for iOS devices and is also considered one of the most attractive programs for the operating system. It allows the download of videos and audios so that they can be viewed directly from the iPhone, iPod or iPad player without any problem.

In addition, the same program is responsible for giving the format to the audio or video so that it can be recognized by the mobile phone. It should be noted that one of the advantages of Softorino is that it does not have any type of advertising, which makes it much faster and more convenient to use.


Stream youtube

Stream is an application a little different from the rest, with it you can start listening to your songs in streaming without the need to download it but, for it will be necessary that you have internet, the only advantage is that you spend very little mobile data by not reproducing any image.

However, if you don’t prefer to listen to it this way, you can simply download it and start enjoying it directly from your mobile device. A good alternative if you are a music lover and want to have the best songs on your device. You can find it in Play Store for free.


Spotify youtube

Perhaps one of the most popular applications for all Android users, is characterized by its excellent performance and unlike most of these Apps, Spotify is a program that allows you to listen to music streaming. But if you don’t want to spend as much mobile data as you want to listen to your favourite songs, you can download them directly to your computer. This will allow you to play them without the need for an Internet connection.

However, it is important to mention that you will get this app in Google Play for free but to enjoy all its options will require you to be a premium user which has an additional cost. On the other hand, the music you download to your device can be saved directly in your terminal or on the external SD card.

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