How to Download YouTube Videos for Free on any Device? Step by Step Guide

One of the platforms of streaming videos most famous and used worldwide is YouTube that over time, has become the ideal alternative to watch music videos, movies, news and endless content, totally free. Taking into account that this social network can be managed from any device, either through desktop computers or Smartphones and Tablets.

However, all users have an inconvenience to download these clips directly from YouTube, in order to save them on the device and to see them without Internet connection, to share on other websites, etc. Which, occurs by the terms and conditions of Google that prohibits the use of downloading videos on your platform.

However, there are methods to do this very easily and free from any device. Either by means of online programs and tools that simplify it, extensions of web browsers and even, it can be carried out without sotfwares. Therefore, from this post we want to inform you about the most effective tactics to save videos and movies on YouTube, keeping in mind all the possibilities that are.

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Steps to download YouTube movies and videos on your computer or mobile phone

As we mentioned, we know several methods to save any type of video posted on YouTube and save it on your device.

In effect we present below the tricks most used and simple to perform:

Without using programs with the latest trick!


To download clips published on this social network without the use of programs or online tools, there is one other method to use. One of them, is the trick of the double S or “SS” that we indicate later. But to start, we will use the trick of the double P.

In this sense, the procedure consists of writing “pp” after the word YouTube in each of the corresponding URLs thanks to tools such as Y2Mate.

Here we indicate the step by step to follow:

  • Enter the platform from any device (Windows or Mac computer, Android or iOS device) and search for the video you want to download directly from the social network.
  • Once you open the video, you have to look at the URL of the video and copy it. To do this, you can double click on the tab above that contains that address or click on “Share” and then select the option “Copy link“.
  • Now, paste it in any browser and before pressing the “Enter” button, you have to place “pp” (only in lowercase) just after the word “youtube” in that same link of the video.
  • Finally, the link will be similar to this: “” for now yes, press “Enter” and automatically, it will redirect you to another window where you are given the option to choose the format and size. Now, when you click “Download” the download of the clip you want will start.

On the iPhone or iPad

Documents by Readdle

Now, if you are an iPhone or iPad user, we show you how you can download videos and movies on YouTube without any kind of complication. In general, users rely on apps that are identified as “YouTube Converters” and are simply available in the App Store.

However, many of them do not last a noticeable time available in this application store and therefore, are not reliable. Since if you search for “downloads on YouTube” in the App Store for several different days, you may notice that the options are continuously updated.

In fact, it is necessary to know a more effective method and that, in addition, is valid for all versions of iOS, that is, from 8 to 11. Therefore, we have found a good solution and it is a mobile application called ” Documents by Readdle “that today, is operating with version number 6 and from that, it is possible to conclude that this service will not be erased from the application store for iPhone and iPad.

In this regard, we detail the process to be carried out:

  • To start, search and download “Documents by Readdle” to install it on your iOS device directly from the App Store. After completing this process, open the app and access the Safari browser icon on the iPad, found in the menu section on the left and iPhone on the bottom right. This, to search “net” in the browser bar; being a support website to run the download of the video.
  • Now, proceed to copy the URL of the YouTube you want to obtain, which is achieved by just pressing on that address and clicking on “Copy link“.
  • Later, re-enter the app and the white space that is on the top of net (already searched), paste the video link to download. That is, press the button above the bar to “Paste“. Since then, they will show you a thumbnail with the clip and next to it, other options in which it is possible to adjust the quality of the video. There is also a green button that allows you to save the content and is identified with the word “Download“.
  • Pressing this button will start downloading the video. But before the process starts, you will see a new window that opens automatically, where the option to modify the name and write the one you want, click on “Save” to save. That way, the clip will begin to download and you only have to wait for it to end.
  • When the video completes the download, enter a section called “Documents” of the Documents application where you can see all the completed downloads and the details of the file, but to save it on your device, you must move the video to “Photos” .
  • To finish, make a long press on the video and proceed to drag it to the label with the name “Documents”, then select “Photo Albums” and now “Camera Roll“. This will ask for a permission that you must accept to accessPhotos” and with that, it will be saved in said section. So just by opening the “Photos” application, you will see the video downloaded from YouTube.

On the Android mobile

For Android users there are also solutions around downloading YouTube content for free. These are applications that you can find on each of their official websites.

Since, unfortunately, this type of programs are not supported by Play Store, because it is a native service of Google and as the recognized company does not allow downloading videos directly from YouTube, nor does it support the apps that are dedicated to this.

Here we indicate some of them, that although it is true, are the most used in Android devices. But first, we want to advise you to make some adjustments regarding the security of your mobile and thus, avoid damages in it due to viruses obtained by supposed “reliable” applications.

To do this, go to the “Settings” menu and enter the “Security” section, when you scroll the screen you will find “Device Management” and mark “Unknown sources“, in case the box is not enabled.



Since it is an app that can not be obtained from Play Store, you must be very careful when downloading it, since it may be malware that only seek to usurp your information and cause damage to your device. Therefore, we recommend you to look for the official website of TubeMate.

It is a very simple app and one of the fastest to download YouTube videos on Android phones. As for its operation, it is as simple as accessing the video you want to save through your own Tubemate browser and from there, press the arrow that is located at the bottom of the screen to start the download.

Although before this, you can adjust factors such as the resolution, quality and format of the video file. Afterwards, the clip is automatically stored in your mobile phone but if you wish, it is possible to download it directly to your SD card.

OG YouTube

Og Youtube

This alternative is more modern than the aforementioned and we can confirm that it works completely like the official YouTube client. It only presents a distinction that can be of great benefit to its users and well, it is a download button that shows below each video.

In this way, it gives you the option to select the resolution and the format in which you prefer to save the clip and you can even extract the audio only if you need it. Among other features, it exhibits the ability to save several files at the same time and also has the excellent option to play in the background through the same platform.

On the other hand, once you download the video, it will be directly saved in the memory of your Android phone. Finally, it is important to highlight that you should not register in the app in any way, because otherwise you will not be able to use it to download videos as easily. It is also recommended to install OG YouTube directly from your official website.

On Windows or Mac computers

To have video clips from YouTube on a Windows or Mac computer, there is more than one method on hand that you can use. However, at this moment we will focus on the online tools that you can use for it and in that way, it is not necessary to complicate things by having to download and install other softwares for that purpose.

Consequently, we present two online alternatives that you should use below:



It is one of the download tools to save YouTube videos on the computer, more direct and effective than there are currently. Beginning because it supports several operating systems, among which are Windows, Mac, Linux and another.

To start the process, you must select the type of operating system that you use to proceed to copy the link of the video that you need to download from the social network, and thus the same program loads it automatically. This, you can make it so simple only if you have active jDownloader.

Now, if this type of load is disabled, go to the tab “Link Capture”, there press the right click and among the options that once displayed, choose “Add links“. So, paste the URL of the multimedia file in a bar that has the icon of a magnifying glass and press “Continue“.

After doing what we told you, the same platform will load the video with its indicated audio and the image. With this, you can click on the folder that was created and select the option to download the video, where it says “Add and start download“. Finally, look for the clip in the download folder of the computer and you can enjoy the content without an Internet connection.

Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter

Another option that does not require software installation, is this web platform that exhibits absolute compatibility with all modern browsers, allows free downloads and without the requirement that you sign up for it. In addition, it presents the ability to perform high speed conversions.

To use this tool, start by placing the video you want to store on the computer and copy the link of the same. You do this with just select the entire address, right click and click on “Copy.”

Then, access the official website of which is in English but you can change it to Spanish in the tab located in the upper right corner (or another language).

To proceed to paste the URL of the content in the space at the bottom of “Convert YouTube video links to mp4, mp3 or avi with our Youtube converter“; simply by clicking right click and there the option “Paste“.

Now, press the “Start” button to start the conversion process that you can view in a new window that opens automatically. In that window, they show you the “Download” option, so click on it and then it will appear saved in the computer’s download folder.

Video – How to use Online Video Converter

Using a Chrome browser extension and Firefox


This option is more effective when referring to a multiplatform method that by logic, can be the appropriate solution for any computer independently of its operating system.

But, first of all, it is necessary to focus on an alternative that manages to support web browsers mostly managed by all users. In this case, we need “ClipConverter” because it supports both Chrome, as well as Firefox and even Safari.

Then the procedure to be executed to obtain YouTube downloads by means of an extension in Chrome or Firefox.

  • Go to the website and click on the browser icon you commonly use. These will be seen in the «Add-on« tab. In this case we will do the process with the Google browser by clicking on «Install add-on for Chrome»
  • Later, you should know that each browser has its own extensions and in this case, we will rely on the Tampermonkey extension (because it is Chrome). This extension has been designed to use your own scripts, which is extremely essential to achieve use of ClipConverter in Chrome. For this, just access the Tampermonkey extension and click on “Add to Chrome“.
  • Located in ClipConverter, select “Download clipconverter.user.js” and once you have installed the Tampermonkey extension, you will immediately recognize the Javascript scripts.
  • Subsequently, locate the section “Install UserScript” and click “Install” so that the same extension performs the entire procedure.
  • Finally, go to YouTube and look for the video you want to download to your PC to test if it worked. In case you see now three new options and among these, one that says “Use ClipConverter to choose what to download“, it means that you will be able to directly save the content you need. When you click there, they will allow you to choose the quality of the video and now, just click on “Start“. That’s it.

Download and save all YouTube videos with the trick of the two SS

savefrom net

Important: This application has become paid, having 3 types of subscriptions, $ 4.99 for 1 month, $ 19.99 for 6 months or for life for $ 39.99. Is it worth it? It depends on the use you are going to give.

Very similar to one of the methods indicated in the previous section, we also have a trick to do it but with the two SS. It is a completely simple way to download and store videos directly from the streaming platform to any device, be it a computer, a Smartphone or a Tablet and regardless of the operating system.

To execute this procedure, carry out the following step-by-step:

  • First of all, go to YouTube and find the file you want or need to save. This can be in MP4, Webm or 3gp.
  • When you place the video, you will see its link at the top of the screen, to which you must add the “ss”. Of course without quotes and the specific place is before the word “youtube”. It is also appropriate that you delete everything that is before, that is, the “https”, “www” and the punctuation marks.
  • Subsequently, the address will look like this: “” and in the same place where it was (it is not necessary to open a new tab in the browser used).
  • After this, press the “Enter” button and a new platform identified as “” will open immediately and there, where the link is, click on “Download the application and get your video” which is a button green color on the right hand side.
  • To conclude, you will be redirected to a new window where you can select the format and now, click on “Download“. For just this, have the content saved in your download folders.

YouTube Premium is the official Google application that allows you to download clips from YouTube

youtube premium

Finally, it is necessary to detail another option to download the clips from the social network and, in addition, to make use of other advantages that for sure, interest the habitual users of the platform. Well, it is YouTube Premium that although it is not a free method of employing but refers to a subscription service, it can be a great solution.

Taking into account that just like downloading and saving content directly on the platform without having to use shortcuts, online tools or programs; It allows you to play each and every one of the videos without having to be connected to the Internet.

Among other features, it gives you the option to play the files in the background, delete and completely forget the annoying ads that constantly appear on the platform and to make matters worse, have access to the YouTube Music Premium service and YouTube Originals (for enjoy exclusive content). Added to this, add completely customized lists for you and many more features of total advantage.

For your part, to be able to enjoy YouTube Premium, you can download it from the Google Play Store or from any qualified app store, by canceling the plan you want. So far, there are two payment plans; one is individual and the other is familiar.

The first of them, has a cost of 9.99 euros and the family plan, holds a price of 14.99 euros where the series of devices to be used must be included. However, it is important to note that this service has a 30-day free trial.