EmuParadise Closes, What are the best Alternatives to Download Rom`s?

EmuParadise was a site specialized in sharing Rom`s, these files are designed as a faithful copy of those of games consoles like SuperNES, PC Engine or Neo-Geo-games (legacy games), and old consoles like N64, DS or MegaDrive. In the early 2000s, this portal was just one of many refuges for emulation enthusiasts.

However, for a few months now you can no longer enter its domain and many users do not know why, although they obviously suspect that the law is behind this. Beyond that, the real problem is that video game lovers have been left without a real referent and many of them seem not to know where to continue acquiring this content for free.

That is why in this article we present a list of portals that serve as a perfect alternative to EmuParadise, so that if you are one of those who is concerned about your leisure, you can find in them all the Rom’s you want without restrictions and completely free.


What happened to EmuParadise? Doesn’t it work or has it closed?

Unfortunately the history of EmuParadise has come to an end after almost two decades of uninterrupted operation. The reason is obvious; the big companies that defend the interests of video game developers have demanded the authorities to stop this type of portals that make them lose millions of dollars annually.


This is not new, in fact it had already received threats at the beginning of the decade and then in 2015, but they thought they were smart enough to evade them and so they did all this time. However, in 2018 the authorities were able to investigate the developers and obtained very personal information that made them decide to close the website for fear of prosecution.

List of the best sites to download alternative ROMs to EmuParadise

EmuParadise removed all ROMs from its download library, and became another of the pages affected by Nintendo’s demands. Let’s be clear, the company has not specifically denounced this software company as the reason for the removal of all the games from its site, but the entire community knows that this was the case.

As it is cyclical on the Internet, for every page it closes, two pages of similar content are always opened. Today, there are quite a few alternatives similar to EmuParadise that still work and offer ROM diversity; and best of all, they are free. Here are some of the most current websites:



If you are a lover of console video games, this web portal has an excellent catalog with approximately 561 thousand ROMs for 541 different platforms. We assure you that you will spend hours and hours delighting me with the amount of games there are.

The page is well designed; it’s friendly, easy to navigate and you’re almost sure to get the game of your dreams. Your server is reliable, it is always operational and the download speed is good. You could say that it is the site par excellence of retro game all over the planet.



It is one of the best alternatives to EmuParadise. It contains a huge database with thousands of retro games, as well as a lot of ROM’s running the latest emulators. It’s a perfect game point, and if you’re here, you’re in the right place.

The download speed is good, it’s always online and has millions of users who endorse the quality of their products. It has been highlighted as one of the few legal download services currently available in the UK.

Here users can also purchase movies, high quality music and access securely and wirelessly within their home network with Intel Viiv-enabled devices, as well as on Xbox 360.

Video – How to download emulators and rom’s from CoolROM.com



It is an online platform from which you can get many games and ROM’s. It is one of the few emulator sites with mobile version. Here, you can get almost all kinds of video games for all kinds of consoles, whether it’s the classic Atari 2600 of the third age or PlayStation of the modern age.

This company offers free downloads with detailed information, images and screenshots. A true rom-wiki to relive all your old game experiences. Your server is usually operational, secure and your catalog is always up to date.



Provides information and downloads for emulators of classic game systems. It is another great alternative to EmuParadise. In addition, it uses a points system to avoid abuses. When you sign up for RomUlation, you are credited with 10,000 points.

Every megabyte you install requires 1 point. For example, if you download 50 mb then 50 points will be deducted from your account. Regular members receive 500 points credited to their account every 24 hours. It is very useful for getting games from Wii, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, although its strong points are those of Nintendo.



It’s a great online platform to get free ROMs. It also has games for GBA, Sega Super Drive, Sega Beginning, Sega Ace Framework, MAME, N64 and Nintendo DS. Basically you can find content for all handheld consoles on the market.

We have to say, it is one of the best alternatives for online retro games. Their catalogue is extensive and their website is eye-catching. Its strength is the number of titles that are perfectly ranked. We advise you to give it a try, although you should never forget to use a VPN to keep your IP anonymous for security.



Another great space to find emulators where you can find for PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, Sega, MAME and more. The best thing about Emulator Zone is that it provides detailed information about ROMs, and even shows emus ratings and new updates. For these reasons, it’s one of the community’s favourites and every day its followers grow. The download speed is good, with 100% operational servers. An excellent choice.



It offers a simple navigation structure, with good download speed and instant access to ROMs and emulators. The list is kept regularly updated, and the latest versions are loaded almost instantaneously.

The best thing about this portal is its innovative design, intuitive and easy to navigate that when you enter the site receives you with a gallery of images of the favorite Roms of the community and the most downloaded, has a menu that tells you what to do, and a blog where you can see the comments of the gamers. Totally recommended.



One of the few old sites that is still available. It offers you a lot of games for platforms like PlayStation Portable (PSP), PlayStation One (PSX), Game Advance (GBA), Nintendo DS (NDS) and Nintendo 64 (N64). You can play online and the server response speed is great.

Downloads are free and you have a good updated database. One of the most eye-catching things about the site is its classification of titles so you can easily access the content you want. Currently, the company is offering discount coupons to users who must deposit a certain amount of money to download some games. It does this in order to continue operating.



It is a free place, where players can get the titles they want completely free. No waiting time and no advertising. It has an online user manual in case you have any doubts when browsing the portal. Its design is simple, direct, intuitive, with a large catalog of games that has more than 60,000 files.

Is it legal and safe to download ROM´s files from these web portals?

Well, there is no regulation that talks about downloading Rom’s being illegal, which explains why they have never heard of prosecutions of any of the millions of users who make them. But why isn’t it illegal? The reality is that basically you’re not generating money for these downloads, so you do not affect the crime of piracy.

Then why do they prosecute the portals?, because they are generating money. How is this possible if most of them offer free ROMs? That’s precisely why they offer protected content for free and inflate their pockets with advertising for all the traffic they generate. Now you will understand why there is so much invasive advertising when you try to download.

So, the illegal thing is not to have the content, but to generate money with it without permission of its owner. In your case as a user, what would be illegal is that you then want to sell on the street what you got for free. So if you are caught doing that, you will have to pay a very, very high fine.