How to Update Google Chrome for Free?

If you are one of those who use the browser developed by Google, this article with the new updates of the browser Chrome both for the computer, either Windows or Mac, and Android or iOS mobile devices, or other platforms will be very useful. We will provide as much information as possible about how to update Google Chrome for free.

As you know, Chrome is the browser that Google has created and that is currently used in a huge amount of devices to navigate through any type of information. It appeared in 2008 and, to date, is the largest search engine, having the highest percentage market share, being around 62.5%.

This browser is one of the most widely used today and has multiple advantages over others, as it allows you to link to other tools, plugins and apps from Google and other companies directly when you’re doing some kind of search.


For example, you can jump from a search to Google Maps or Google Drive. Although it should be noted that due to these advances, it also consumes a lot of resources, so if your device is not too powerful, there may be cuts and you compensate using other simpler browsers. This would be the case of Vivaldi or Ópera.

How to update Google Chrome to the latest version?

Google Chrome has several main features, including the ability to link all web content with your multiple devices in sync. You can also customize the design you want the web browser to have and translate that design to all your mobile devices. Finally, it also highlights the feature of auto-filling forms with data from your own profile and being able to perform searches based on your history and suggestions that Google creates directly for your profile, to enjoy a much more personalized experience.

Google Chrome is automatically updated when it detects new versions are available. The user only notices this when, sometimes, especially when the browser changes its appearance. For this reason, the browser is said to be updated in a “silent” way, without any actions carried out by the user himself.


How do I know which version of Google Chrome I have installed?

In any case, if you have doubts about whether your device is updated to the latest version, you have a way of being able to consult it:

  • You must position yourself in your browser and look for the icon formed by three dots in the upper right part of the panel.
  • Then go to “Settings” and a new screen will open.
  • At the top left, click on “Settings”.
  • At the bottom of the drop-down, search for “Google Chrome Information”.
  • Selecting it opens a new tab that tells you the version number and whether there’s a new version you can upgrade to.

You can also look at the top right. If your browser is out of date, an image with a green arrow symbol appears. Clicking on this icon will close the browser and reopen it loading the most updated version. If you wish, you can download the Chrome browser directly from above.

Of course, in each device this update, say “forced” or manual, is done differently. That’s why we’re going to explain in detail how to do it on each of our devices; make yourself comfortable and follow our instructions.

Upgrade Google Chrome to the latest version in Windows 10

You must follow these steps to get the latest Google browser update:

  • First, open your browser window.
  • At the top right you should have three dots indicating the option “MORE” .
  • If your browser is not up to date, you will see a sequence of colours:
  1. Red: Indicates that an update has been pending for more than a week.
  2. Orange: Indicates that you have been waiting for an update for 4 days.
  3. Green: Indicates that you have an update pending from 2 days ago.
  • Clicking on the “MORE” option displays a menu with the “Update Google Chrome” option; click on it. If you do not find this option is that your browser is already updated.
  • Restart your browser by pressing the “Restart” button, or by closing the window and opening another one again.

Update Google Chrome browser in Windows 7

To reach this update you must:

  • First, find the browser “Google Chrome” and open it.
  • Then go to the top right and click on “MORE”.
  • Search and click on the option “Update Google Chrome”. If this option does not appear, it means that you already have the most recent update for that browser.
  • Finally, you must restart the application; in other words, close it from the X cross and double-click its icon again to open it again.

How to update the Chrome browser in Windows XP for free?

Since 2016, it is no longer possible to install updates on the Windows XP operating system. For security reasons, this operating system is not supported, so the Google Chrome browser no longer creates updates. The same thing would happen if you try to do it from Windows Vista and from MAC OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8. By way of advice, comment that if you are using this system, you should modernize because you will be left behind in many improvements that are made at the software level.

How to update Google Chrome in Android?

If you have an Android device (mobile or tablet), you will see that it is usually updated without warning at any time. However, you can check at any time if your application is updated. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, you have to find out where the Google Play Store application is located; this is the place where you download the new applications or queries that you already have installed.
  2. Once selected, you should go to “My apps & games”. Go to the “Updates” section.
  3. In this section, all the applications that need to be updated will appear. If you have a Chrome upgrade pending, it will appear in this list.
  4. If you find it and click on it, start downloading all the necessary content and updating.
  5. Another option is to directly search for the Chrome browser in the Play Store. You’ll see that you don’t have the installation option because you already have it. You will find the option to uninstall in a button. On the right button, if you need to upgrade, you will see the word “Upgrade”. If this is not the case, you will simply see the option to open the browser.

How do I update Google Chrome for free on iPhone and iPad?

The Google Chrome application for these devices does not come standard, as they use the Safari browser, but it can be installed perfectly by searching the Apple App Store. If you have this application you should not worry about updating it, it does it automatically. You can check if a new version doesn’t exist in the following way:

  1. Enter the area where you have the App Store. This is a light blue application, with a white letter A in the middle.
  2. Then click at the bottom where it says “Pending Updates”.
  3. You’ll find a search engine magnifying glass where you can search for the “Google Chrome” application.
  4. If it appears, you can click on it to install or update. If you see that the application has a blue circle next to the name, it means that it has just been updated.
  5. If it doesn’t, you can update it. You will always be asked for your Apple ID and password. If the version of your devices is more modern and you already have the option to enter the fingerprint, that will be enough for you to start updating.

Update the Google Chrome browser on Linux / Ubuntu / Debian

There are several options through the execution of several commands; let’s see which are the most common:

  • To install: If you don’t have the browser, you have to use in the terminal the command: sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable. In this case, you are going to install Chrome in its latest version; you don’t have to do anything else.
  • To update: If, on the other hand, you already have an old version installed and you just want to update it, you have to enter the terminal and enter the following commands: sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade.
  • To execute: Then, you can go to the desktop menu to enter the application. If you can’t do it from there because it was installed in another location, you can do it with google-chrome commands or with google-chrome-stable.

What if you can’t update Google Chrome on your device?

There may be some errors when you’re trying to update your Google Chrome application. This will make it impossible to complete the download and installation correctly. These errors can be:

  • The administrator has disabled updates.
  • The update server is unavailable.
  • You can’t start checking for updates.
  • Download error.
  • Computer with Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system.
  • Google Chrome may not be able to update automatically.
  • “An error occurred during the update”.

In order to resolve any of these errors, you should try the many solutions below.

Download Google Chrome again

The most common thing is that there are no boot files on your device. You must follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall Google Chrome from your device.
  2. Check the system requirements your browser must meet.
  3. Reinstall:
  • On Windows, try a stand-alone installer.
  • On a Mac, download the software update and reinstall it.

If you are missing permissions, you must contact the owner who has “Administrator” rights on your computer in order to complete the Chrome browser update.

Check your firewall, parental controls, or antivirus settings

We recommend that to review this, you do two tests:

  1. You can try going to and and check if they are blocked or not.
  2. Then, check that your antivirus, by policy, does not block updates of new software.

Restarting your computer

This is the IT solution to which you must turn par excellence. In many occasions, certain processes are blocked when the computer is working. This happens for no apparent reason.

Therefore, if we turn off and restart our device, it is very likely that when trying to update your Google Chrome no error will occur.

Verify that system requirements are met

We must check that our operating system is not outdated, and is still supported by Google Chrome updates, so that there are no incompatibilities or suspension of support in new updates, as in this case occurs for Windows XP.

Google Forum

If you still can’t get your Chrome browser updated for free, you may need to access the Chrome help forum to try to fix your problem. Interesting help can always be found in the forums. In addition, when you present your own case, someone else who has experienced the same thing may want to share their experience with you.

What’s new with the Google Chrome update?

In this case, we’re going to present you version 62 of Google Chrome. This is not a version characterized by major improvements in design, or to leave the user stunned with major changes, but this is one of the key versions to give greater quality to the product, as the changes are focused on developers and improvements in the area of security, making this tool more catch the attention of new users who have not yet joined the club of Google Chrome lovers.

As we said before, this update brings improvements directly related to security issues, from this version, all HTTP websites that we visit from the incognito mode that Chrome allows us, and those in which text is entered will be catalogued as “unsafe sites”. Also, 35 vulnerabilities and security flaws have been fixed so that we can make the best possible use of the Internet.

In addition to security solutions, it also brings news for web developers. The first of these is the use of OpenType Variable, focused on improving responsive web design. They also offer the possibility to process videos from the HTMLMediaElements function. In addition, for you, designer, new tools have been enabled to facilitate the creation of content for virtual reality.

Finally, three new APIs have been developed for developers to use. These are:

  • Payment Request API: Payment system that can be integrated into the browser.
  • Ambient Light Sensor API: Application that allows websites to adapt their brightness according to the intensity of light in the environment.
  • Network Information API: Application that allows webs to know the connection speed of users.