How to Activate Avast Antivirus? Step by Step Guide

Avast Antivirus is, as its name suggests, an antivirus program created by the Czech company Avast Software. Its first launch was in 1991, settling as a reference and working since then with new versions and updates that increasingly improve their work when it comes to protecting computers and computer equipment.

It is software that is used to strengthen the security of any computer or device on which it is installed. Scan all the files in search of threats, protect against external attacks such as malwares or worms and, in case of infection, is responsible for eliminating any danger and recover the affected files for the system to function properly.

Although there are free versions, the best protection is offered through the paid versions. If it is what you are looking for, and you do not know how to enable Avast Antivirus, we will help you with this step-by-step guide. In it we will explain everything you have to do to install and validate it, as well as provide you with several licenses so you can perform the activation of this security program without complications.


Steps to install and activate Avast Antivirus

There are only a few steps to install the Avast Antivirus program. As you will see below, this process can be carried out in just a few minutes. Let’s explain what you have to do next.

1 – Open the Avast installer

When you have your downloaded version on your PC, start by running the installation program so that it starts. Make sure you have previously uninstalled any other antivirus on your computer (it is not necessary to disable Windows Defender) to avoid overlap problems.


2 – Complete the installation

Once you load the initial screen, just click on the “Install” button. When you have done it, just wait for the system to copy and install the corresponding files. In the bottom part of this screen we see the option to install the Avast Secure browser (protection in our web browser), in case we do not want to incorporate this option, we uncheck it.


Then, press the “Install” button once the entire data transfer is complete. Now, a message with the privacy policy will appear. Read it and, again, click on “Continue “.

Skip the installation of the mobile suite by clicking on the option “No, I do not want to protect my Android phone“. If it asks you to install any other software, it passes by clicking on the negative option.

Wait a little longer and the installation will be finished. Now is the time to activate the antivirus.

3 – Go to the licensing section

Once the program is opened on the screen, you must first go to the “Options” menu. It appears listed in one of the sides of the main window of the antivirus.

Done this, just go to the “Subscription” section and click on it. Several related options will be displayed. You are already in the licensing section.

avast antivirus for windows 10

4 – Choose a method to activate

Now you have several possibilities. You can choose between “Enter an activation code” or “Enter license file“.

In the case that you choose the second alternative, you need the file that the Avast team gave you when making the purchase of the program. A window will open where you can get to the route and choose it.


Navigate between the folders until you reach the one that corresponds and the file that you touch. Once you have selected it, click on “Open“.

After this, just click on “Activate” and the process will end. Accept to close the window and the antivirus will be activated.

NOTE: If you choose the code option, a pop-up window will appear with an empty field. Write the activation code of your license in it and click “Next“. You have finished validating the antivirus.

Keys and activation codes of Avast Premier latest version

In case you do not have an official license, you can always get one through the official antivirus store. On the internet, in addition to this option, there is the alternative of looking for codes for the activation of Avast Premier and other antivirus belonging to this same firm.

There is also another way, consisting of using programs known as keygens; nevertheless, in this particular case, it is more convenient to use existing codes and whose veracity is verified. It is possible that the activators and other types of related software may not work properly when validating this security program.

In case you need one of the activation serials that circulate through the networks, we will provide you with a small list with several of them, valid until the year 2031 at the most. You just have to write them in the field enabled for it within the software interface, as we have indicated in the previous section. However, once the deadline arrives, you will have to renew with other new licenses through other keys.

Here are two Avast validation keys:

  • Code licensed until the year 2022: NXNW5H-4AKMF2-4EU5F2
  • Code with license until 2031: VVYNY2-FC5YAJ-4B445S

If you prefer another way, you have the option to use a validation file, which usually appears in “.avastlic” format. Although it is a medium that is used less and less, it still has presence and utility. To use it you only have to download it from web pages that make it available to users.

To make it simpler, here we provide a link that gives several different licenses, so you can renew even for life the permission to use this antivirus.

Files with valid licenses until the years 2021, 2027 and two for life: Download link

Remember that, in any of the cases and use the means you use, you must follow the steps indicated in the previous section both to enter the codes and to use the validation files.

Each one has to be introduced or used in a different section of the program, but both share the same purpose: activate the antivirus to protect your computer.