How to Activate ESET NOD32 Antivirus? Step by Step Guide

ESET NOD32 is an antivirus signed by the Slovak company ESET. It is a program, or a whole suite of security, compatible with all types of operating systems and responsible for ensuring the protection of user information and all data both the computer equipment in which it is installed and the browsing through the internet.

It is a solution that reinforces secure environments both in computers and file servers, emails and many computer systems, even mobile phones. Users rely on it to prevent access to their computers remotely and without permission, as well as to prevent viruses, Trojans or malwares that may deteriorate the equipment or damage it irreversibly.

In order to enjoy all its services, it is necessary to go through a process of validation and activation. If you do not know how to activate the AntiVirus ESET NOD32, we will explain what to do step by step in this guide. We will show you what to do both to verify a new license and to renew an old one, as well as we will also provide you several serials in case you need them in your installation.

eset nod32

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Steps to activate and renew the license of the ESET NOD32

The steps to activate and renew the ESET NOD32 Antivirus license do not differ at all. The process that must be followed is the same in both cases, which you must follow as indicated in the following steps.

1 – Open your NOD32 antivirus

Whether you have finished installing it or if you have been spending time with it on your computer, the first thing you should do is run the antivirus. Enter your operating system and start the program through its icon. If you have configured it to start with the S.O., you will not have to do this.

Go to the lower right corner, to the notification area, and have it unfold by clicking on the arrow shaped button. Once there, click on the NOD32 icon once and it will open.


2 – Choose renewal or activation

If you have just installed the antivirus, a message will appear in the window asking you to validate the license to be protected. On the contrary, if the one you had has expired, a message will appear indicating that you have to renew or activate. You have to choose by clicking on “Renew the license” or “Activate the product“.

Choose the option you choose, you will be directed to a similar window in both cases. It is important that you choose well, since you may have conflicts with the serial.

3 – Enter the validation code

Now, all you have to do is go to the “I already have a license” section and, within this, go to the field that is blank to write the key you have to enable your copy of ESET NOD32.

Enter the code of 20 alphanumeric characters and click on the “Activate” button below. The moment you do it, you will begin a verification process that only requires waiting.


4 – NOD32 activate

If you have followed all the steps above, the verification process will end successfully and you will have finished. From now on, your antivirus will be constantly updated, since it appears as a perfectly licensed and fully operational product.

Note: There is another solution that requires connecting to the internet and using a web browser. These are the steps to follow if you prefer (valid only for license renewal):

Enter the web to renew ESET NOD32 license key

Open your usual web browser and enter the following URL: This is the ESET website for the renewal of licenses for its different programs.

Enter the current serial number

  • Within this page you have entered, you have to type the key of your current installation of ESET NOD 32. Do it and click on the “Renew Now” button.
  • If you do not know where to find it, enter this URL through the browser to obtain your password. There, fill in any of the two fields that appear. You can choose between the one above to write your username or the one below for the email linked to the profile. Choose the one you choose, click on “Send“.
  • Look at the inbox of the mail assigned to the account and check out the mail recently arrived from the NOD 32 Antivirus team. There you will have the key of your current license. Once this is done, return to the first paragraph of this section.
  • Pay for the renovation : Now, you can choose between purchasing another type of ESET suite or expanding the one you already have. Click on the “Renew” button on the right to do so and proceed.
  • The next thing is to fill in a form with your personal data and also with the method of payment to be made. When you do, finish the purchase making the payment and you will have reactivated your antivirus.

Serials, Keys and Licenses for NOD 32 updated for free

To renew the use of the antivirus, you can resort to updated serials, keys and licenses for NOD 32 and totally free. On the internet there are websites to access to get these keys and use them. In this way, you can enjoy the security offered by this platform without resorting to purchases, keygens or cracks.

Here we can leave you a good list of serial numbers to validate your installation of ESET on the PC, some with support until the year 2027, without the need to apply renewals during all these years.

Serials licensed up to 2020:

  • CNDU-W33F-ARX5-58W3-ARGE
  • CNDU-W334-FUSA-A74P-U7N9

Key with activation valid until October 2027:

  • M33F-XDJ3-5D4X-UFH7-4KRG

Remember that, to enter these codes, you have to follow the instructions indicated in the previous section. Obviating the second half, since it involves making payments, you can follow all the guidelines to verify your installation of NOD 32 without having to spend a penny.