How to Download Movies with uTorrent for Free? Step by Step Guide

We are sure that more than once you have surfed the Internet looking for a movie or one of your favorite series to enjoy in the company of friends or your partner, you get a page that looks reliable, you enter, you look for the links and just when you go to download you realize that it is a Torrent file, and since you do not know what that is for, simply close the tab and jump to the next page.

But what you don’t know is that you’re missing out on one of the best free services that Internet browsing can provide. Before you start downloading files of this type, you should keep in mind that some pages require a Torrent program to start downloading.

Below, we have prepared for you a complete guide about uTorrent, what it is, how it works, and how to download all kinds of files with this excellent program; all those answers are right here below, so without further ado let’s get started.


How to use uTorrent to download files, movies and torrent series?

uTorrent is a P2P software, which means that it is a decentralized system that functions as a powerful download manager. It allows you, redundancy worth it, to download all kinds of files in pieces, why in pieces? Because the files are distributed on different computers, the network connects and downloads a piece of site, a piece of another and so everything is shared.

This is a great advantage because you can pause the download at any time, shut down the computer without fear of losing the process obtained, and then resume at any time desired. In our opinion, this is the ideal system to download large files of several Gigabytes.

But before we teach you how to download files and movies, we must teach you how to configure uTorrent so that you can get the most out of it and become familiar with the interface. Obviously, you must already have it installed and if not we invite you to download it right now from its official website completely free.

  • With the uTorrent open, you are going to press Ctrl + P with the keyboard to access the “Preferences”.
  • There you will deactivate the button that says “Start uTorrent when Windows Startus”, this to avoid slowing down the computer just turn it on.
  • Also, you are going to activate the button that says “Automatically install updates”, because you will be interested in knowing when there are new software updates.
  • Then, go to the “Directories” section and activate the button that says “Put new downloads in” and select the folder of your preference, so that all downloaded files are saved there.
  • In the connection settings it is important that the “Listening Port” is set to “Random” as seen in the image.
  • In case you have problems downloading, you can try clicking on the “Random port” button until you find one that works, or you can copy the one from the image.
  • At the moment it is not interesting to change anything else, so click on “Apply” and then “OK”.

uTorrent is a leading program when it comes to downloading torrent files, this is due to its ease of use, and the convenience with which it allows us to do so, because to download files such as games, movies, series, music or anything you want, we have different ways of doing so.

The most common way to download files and movies with uTorrent is to download it from the page where you are browsing the .torrent file and then run it to start the download in the uTorrent program.

Here we show you how:

  • Select the file to download from a page that is compatible with Torrent, in this case we will download the movie Glass (2019).
  • Click on “Download”, as you can see a super light file has been downloaded. Now, you have to run it to start downloading the movie.
  • Then click on “Open” and another screen will appear. This shows the files you are going to download, all you have to do is click “OK” and start downloading.image 1.
  • Wait for the download to finish while you prepare some delicious popcorn to enjoy your movie.

As you can see, it’s very easy to download with uTorrent and although this explanation is for movies, it works the same way if you want to download series, video games or music.

The second way to download files with uTorrent is to skip step 1 of downloading the torrent file and then run it, how do we do that?

Once selected the resolution with which you want to enjoy the movie, instead of clicking “Download” you will click on the icon of the magnet, this will show the same screen above. There we just have to confirm the download by pressing “OK” and ready, wait for it to download.


There are many options on the Internet, but to learn how to speed up downloads with uTorrent, click here. And that’s why we’re going to show you the best sites to download your favorite movies and series.

The best Torrent websites where to download premiere movies

If you are looking for some pages to download movies and series for free by torrent, here we will give you 10 very good options and 100% recommended. In these you will find all your favorite movies and series, whether new or old. Best of all, in Spanish.

It’s a leading site in terms of premieres of films, here you can find the best of cinema when it comes to news and although this is not in Spanish, deserves to be placed on the list for the quality of their files. But don’t worry because you have the option to download the subtitles, now if your thing is to see the translated movies then the second one is for you.


Better known as The Pirate Bay, is a search engine in which you can find all kinds of torrent files to download to your computer. It’s like a great dictionary in which are immersed endless pages, each with specific information, can be video games, music libraries, series and movies. It is characteristic for the high speed, due to the large clouds of users who navigate in it providing a plus with each connection.


1337x has an enormous breadth of content, which we are sure you will enjoy. When it comes to series and film releases, this is an excellent choice. Was founded in 2007 and gained great popularity in 2018. Until June 2016, 1337x was the 6th most popular torrent website.

Is it legal to download Torrent movies and series?

We’ve talked enough about all the wonders that can provide us having uTorrent installed on our computer, but now we have to talk about a subject a little controversial that sure very little of us want to hear or pay attention.

But first we must highlight certain important things, and is that the model of uTorrent is a completely free service, thought like everything new that comes out today to make life easier and solve our problems or at least try.

uTorrent is a totally legal service and knew how to reach the masses under the development of BitTorrent, Inc. and the good direction of Ludvig Strigeus. Then the question arises What’s wrong? What’s wrong are people who want to make a profit and who don’t respect copyright.

Unfortunately, it is not legal to download movies with uTorrent in many countries, and there are even remote cases of people who have had to pay sanctions and convictions for piracy crimes.

Conclusion; these issues always generate controversy because we don’t like to hear the truth, uTorrent is legal, it was thought to share information at high speed and low costs, what is not legal is to profit at the expense of others, piracy as such, that even knowing the consequences, is still committed.