How to Get more Free Space on Dropbox

Dropbox is probably the cloud storage service par excellence. It came at a particularly propitious time, achieved great popularity and became one of the most widely used platforms of its kind. That’s why many today, years after its launch, still use the service both through their free plan and through their payment plans.

If you already pay for a subscription of the service, you have a lot of space. But if you don’t, you’ll have limited storage capacity. Right now, for example, anyone who signs up gets 2 GB.

At this point, many people ask themselves the same question: How do you get more free space on Dropbox? Is it possible? And the answer is yes. We can get free storage in Dropbox beyond the base we have, yes, with some limit. We explain you all the possible ways to get more capacity in your cloud of this service so famous and used.

How to get more-free-space-on-Dropbox

How to get more free space by recommending Dropbox to a friend

The method with which we can achieve more capacity, up to 16 GB nothing more and nothing less, is with the recommendation of Dropbox to our friends.

Dropbox offers us the possibility of sending them an email invitation by entering their addresses manually, send an invitation to all our Gmail contacts, share a link to register for the service through it or the possibility of sharing the invitation on Facebook.

By inviting our friends and getting them to install Dropbox we can earn up to 16 GB of free storage.


Whichever way you choose to invite our friends, for every one who registers and installs a platform application on one of your Dropbox computers you will give us 500 MB. To us and also to our friends. This way we will be able to get up to 16 GB. You can find the option to invite friends, which can be found in Settings > Plan.

Complete the Dropbox first steps guide

Dropbox offers the possibility of expanding space for free through different actions that we can reality. These help to spread this cloud storage solution and slightly enlarge the initial 2 GB.

Just go to the Get More Space page and start completing actions. We can get 250 MB visualizing a tutorial of the service, 125 MB connecting our account with Facebook, another 125 MB connecting our Twitter account, another 125 MB following the account of the service in the social network of the blue bird, downloading mobile applications from the platform or participating in its forum.

However, we must bear in mind that Dropbox does not always show the same options to all users. Sometimes it offers free storage in exchange for trying a certain option or downloading a third application, but these promotions may disappear as soon as they appear.

We should be aware of temporary Dropbox promotions, as well as consider contemplating the small actions it asks us to get some extra mega.

For all these reasons it is important, from time to time, to take a look at the page we have linked to you and see what’s new. Also, of course, be aware of social networks and possible promotions that do not reach us through official channels.

For example, Dropbox has convened events in which it has given space to attendees or certain brands of mobile phones have offered free storage when purchasing certain models.

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