WhatsApp Status | How WhatsApp Status Updates Work

It is widely known that WhatsApp is the world’s most famous chat application for next-generation mobile phones, known as smartphones. With this app we can send text and multimedia messages to other users; and another of WhatsApp’s utilities are the known states.

WhatsApp Status allow you to share images, videos and animated GIF files, with the peculiarity that the content will have an expiration date of 24 hours from its publication.

Therefore, no photo, video or animation you launch will be saved, nor will it appear in the timeline of your profile, as it happens in Instagram. These status updates can be viewed by contacts in your mobile phone’s address book.


All about WhatsApp Status updates

For some months now, it was rumored that status updates were coming to WhatsApp. The feature is now available deep in WhatsApp’s beta code, and will soon reach all users. Here’s what you need to know at Stepwise.online.

Can I use it now?

Not yet. You can try it, but it’s not even activated in the beta version. You need a terminal with root and a good dose of technical knowledge to activate the function, and even if you did, other users wouldn’t be able to see them.

In short, unless you want to study how it works for some reason, it’s better to wait for them to activate in a downloadable public beta or to reach the final version. It won’t take long.


How do they work?

WhatsApp will show a new option next to calls or chats called “Status”. By clicking on it, we will be able to publish a small text with a photo or video in a similar way to Snapchat or Instagram Stories. The images can be dressed with emojis or drawings.

Who sees this status update?

WhatsApp offers three options, that is visible to all our contacts in the application, to all but those that we set, or only to those that we designate. It is, so to speak, as if we were opening a new ephemeral chat to use and throw away to send a single message. No one outside our WhatsApp contact list can see the message.

How long does the update take?

It disappears in a maximum of 24 hours. We can delete it sooner if we want.

How do I know who saw the message?

Again, from WhatsApp’s own tab you can see how many people have seen the update and also who they are.

Will I be able to take screenshots of another person’s update?

Not yet known… WhatsApp Status is said to be a competition for Snapchat, but it is not entirely accurate because its scope is much more limited (it only reaches the contacts we have in WhatsApp).

It reminds a lot of the status updates that could be left on Blackberry Messenger, worse with the nuance that they are perishable. Considering how successful they were among Blackberry users, WhatsApp Status is expected to receive a warm welcome. On the other hand, it is a new way to insert advertising in the future.