K7 Antivirus

There are so many external threats that today can attack your computer that any prevention is little; therefore, if there is something essential that every computer should have, it is a good antivirus. If you don’t have any installed yet, then it’s not a bad idea to opt for K7 Antivirus premium.

With k7 total security antivirus you have at your disposal a powerful antivirus that detects a wide catalogue of viruses. In addition, it is automatically updated with the latest virus news, has autospyware, scans the contents of your emails, is active and always vigilant in real time, and so on.

Among its great possibilities is the ability to automatically scan any USB storage device as soon as we plug it into our computer (very useful if you receive visits at home that connect their USB on your PC without any control or monitoring).


K7 Antivirus for PC and mobile Android – Features

How to install K7 Antivirus

It is an antivirus that has been programmed to be simple and simple, with a basic configuration.

  1. The first thing is to log on to the official website of the anti virus, you can copy and paste the URL in your browser https://www.k7computing.com/us/ or by clicking on the following link (Here).
  2. If you can not find the K7 Antivirus Plus file on your PC, you can locate it in the following way: If you have a Windows PC press (Control + J) and if you have a Mac press (Shift + Command + J)
  3. Now we click on “install”
  4. If you do not have technical knowledge we accept the installation by default, it is the most recommended.
  5. We wait a few minutes and we have the Antivirus K7 installed.


  • Team performance: Virtually nothing is noted that is working in search of viruses.
  • Antivirus: K7 Antivirus for PC offers constant protection against viruses and malicious processes, with real-time protection.
  • Antispyware: It protects you from hackers and viruses that try to access your personal data, webcam, etc.
  • Anti Spam: Scan your messages and emails for unwanted files and malware. It allows blocking unwanted mail.
  • Usb: Automatically scan any USB device that we connect to our PC.
  • File cleaner: Remove temporary files from your PC or Android mobile phone, the use of this feature improves the performance of your device.
  • It has a 30-day trial version.

K7 Antivirus Premium

  • Threat Protection.
  • Advanced PC Security.
  • Product Update.

K7 Total Security

  • Threat Protection.
  • Advanced PC Security.
  • Product Update.
  • Internet Protection.
  • Web Protection.

K7 Ultimate Security

  • Threat Protection.
  • Advanced PC Security.
  • Product Update.
  • Internet Protection.
  • Web Protection.
  • Privacy / Parental Control.
  • PC Tuneup Tools.
  • Data Backup & Restore.
  • Mobile Protection.

Our opinion

It is a good antivirus, capable of detecting and neutralizing a large number of viruses and malicious processes.

One of the functions that we liked the most is the backup and restore function.

If we choose the superior model (K7 Ultimate Security) we can also protect our mobile phone with the same license.

It is the simplest antivirus to use (simple and intuitive).