Kaspersky Antivirus & Security

The insecurity on the Internet is growing every day, just download a song, watch a movie online or surf the web, are possibilities of infecting your PC with a virus. In view of this, it is vital to have protection like Kaspersky Antivirus & Security to prevent you from being stolen important personal information or slow down your pc.

This popular protection software against viruses and Internet threats, is originated in Moscow and you have more than 20 years in the market.

Let’s learn more about Kaspersky Antivirus…


Why trust Kaspersky?

It is recognized as the second best provider of security programs in Europe, and a leader in some European countries. Because, this prestigious company, has more than 2,850 employees, who are highly specialized in computer protection.

In addition, there are more and more registered users every day, with approximately 300 million worldwide. It also has more than 250,000 corporate clients, thanks to its different services and solutions that satisfy the needs of all its users.

Antivirus Kaspersky features

Guarantees protection against viruses, ransomware, spyware, phishing, malicious websites, among others. It even analyzes your pc to register infections of cryptomining, that seriously damage the performance and speed.

Among its protection functions is the analysis of open, closed or functioning files. The monitoring of web pages, neutralizing any script that may damage the computer. It also has a chat protection system, detecting and protecting against any fraudulent or malicious links.

  1. Kaspersky antivirus for pc: The Kaspersky antivirus guarantees protection against any type of infection of the devices that have the installation of the software.
  2. Protection in the cloud: Kaspersky antivirus for pc provides protection in real time, as it has cloud technology where your files are compared with the database in the cloud. This way, it is verified that none is infected and avoids the unnecessary storage of information in your computer.
  3. Quarantine: This is a space that Kaspersky Antivirus stores inside your computer’s hard drive. In which, files are sent that are considered malicious, because of an infection that affects your computer. After transferring them to storage, you can choose to save or delete them definitively.
  4. Protection and improvement of the system against vulnerabilities: It is in charge of blocking the malicious programs, which use the vulnerabilities of the applications of the computer. Such as, for example, Internet browsers, office programs among others, to be able to obtain a certain domain in the system and to be able to steal important information.
  5. Virtual keyboard: Kaspersky antivirus 2018, has designed a virtual keyboard, as a supplementary tool, to elude keyboard readers (Keyloggers). In order to protect you when entering personal or confidential data on websites, banks or payment sites.
  6. Privacy cleaner: To improve system performance, this tool selects the extra data recorded on your PC (cookies, caches or history). In this way, your personal information is also protected from other users of the computer.
  7. Browser configuration wizard: It monitors and improves the security controls of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers through practical suggestions.
  8. Kaspersky Rescue Disk: It’s rare in basic protection software. It is a disk that boots an infected computer and performs a software analysis in BIOS. Once the image file has been saved in a removable format, the recovery disk will delete any malicious files. Leaving your PC as new and without infections.

Kaspersky free antivirus

Everyone likes to have good references of a product before buying it. However, this company allows you to get Kaspersky antivirus free for 30 days, so you can test its quality yourself. Just go to the official website and download the trial version. 

▷▷ Free kaspersky antivirus download

Kaspersky antivirus price and subscription

To make the purchase just go to the official Kaspersky site and click buy now. The annual subscription fee is $29.90 (10% savings on $26.91) available for one PC only, prices may vary depending on the number of licenses you purchase.

The company accepts different forms of payment, including PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, among others. In addition, you have a 30-day guarantee or money back guarantee.

Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus of the present time. Don’t wait any longer and get worldwide protection software. Remember that it is important to protect your personal information from malware found on the web.