Norton Antivirus

One of the most reputable brands in the antivirus industry, Norton debuted as early as 1991. In the first half of 2007, Norton had 61% of the market share of antivirus, protection and security products, making it synonymous with computer protection. Despite its success in the market, Norton has come in for a lot of criticism in the media.

As you can imagine, having such a prestigious name and such wide circulation, any Norton error led to a media scandal. Norton is sadly famous for its convoluted uninstallation process, a tool that removes only certain aspects of the product, but left others behind.

But to what extent should this affect your choice of anti-virus software?


Norton Free Antivirus – Features

Norton is compatible with Apple Mac, Windows, Android and iPad / iPod.


Considering Norton’s experience in the field of antivirus and computer protection, a quality malware removal tool could be expected, with no performance flaws.

(An error in such important software could mean the end of your PC.) Unfortunately, expectations are not necessarily up to scratch with Norton’s antivirus product.

anti virus Norton

In antivirus testing, Norton’s product too often identifies completely harmless software as dangerous. In real life, this implies that the software could mark a pre-existing and completely secure program as a threat to its security, which would render the program unusable. (If it follows the recommendation of Norton’s antivirus and puts it in quarantine.)

  • Remove malware: Detects and removes malicious software from your computer such as viruses, adware or spyware.
  • Remove spyware: Spyware secretly monitors what it does on your computer. Its purpose is to collect passwords, bank and credit card information.
  • Block phishing sites: Block “phony” sites designed to steal your information, after clicking on a fake email.
  • Web protection: Detects which websites are safe and trusted. Blocks websites and malware downloads.
  • Real-time protection: Real-time protection runs in the background and controls your system continuously, blocking malware before reaching the hard drive.
  • Remove adware: Adware is software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material such as boxes or pop-ups.


  • VPN security on the Internet: Navigate anonymously and safely. Encrypt your Internet connection to block the pirates and prevent them from intercepting your data.
  • Scheduled analyzes: Establish your antivirus scanning program including which locations to analyze.

Norton Antivirus for PC

Norton Security Deluxe

The Deluxe subscription offers protection very similar to that of the basic plan, but with the extra to be able to protect 5 devices. In fact, the most important extra feature regarding the basic plan is that you can manage the protection of all the devices from one place.

Therefore, this Norton Antivirus plan is worth it if you are going to want to protect more than one device because it will be much cheaper than with individual licenses, but it does not offer many more add-ons. This does not mean that it is bad, but that the basic plan is very good.

In this case, what you have to think about is whether you should be content with protecting only your computer, which is what most users look for an antivirus for or also want to protect your Smartphone.

In our opinion, having a mobile device with internet access without protection is very bad. Every time we tend to use more mobile for everything including the sending of confidential information and online purchases, so it seems sensible to protect it as if it were a computer.

Norton Security Premium

The Premium plan of Norton Antivirus does offer some interesting features greater than the number of devices, which in this case amount up to 10. These additional features are:

  • 25 Gb of secure storage in the cloud: Interesting because it allows you to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection and, since they are not on your computer, even if the computer gets infected, hackers will not have access to the files.
  • Make automatic backups: A really comfortable and used little function, but when necessary you can avoid the loss of work for a long time. Even if you know how to make backup copies, it is normal that you do not do it as often as necessary. Here being automatic, you will not have that problem.
  • Parental control: If you have children it is interesting, not so much to control what they do, but to avoid the risks that others can do.

Norton Antivirus for mobile

Mobile protection can be purchased separately or within the Deluxe and Premium plans. It works and protects Android and iOS devices.

Specifically protects against dangerous applications, offers controls to manage your online privacy, device recovery functions when it has been lost or stolen (location on the map, photo of the thief, remote data erasure can even be configured to lock if it removes the sim card), makes backup copies of contacts and can block unwanted calls and messages.

Support and customer service

Norton is often criticized for its customer service, with many reports that Norton’s “security experts” communicate to users that their computers are infected and that they need to be repaired.

Obviously such infections never existed and security experts charge the user a fee for “repair”.

We never feel “cheated” in this way by Norton’s technical assistance, although we must say that we were not impressed.

Finally reached a point where we could talk to a human being from Norton to ask for help, since it is not as easy as it should be, the most convenient would be to search in Google the “Contact” page.

When we finally arrive, we are offered a chat support service, an excellent method of offering and receiving assistance in the antivirus market. In addition to chat, Norton offers assistance over the phone. However cumbersome it may seem, to obtain a number to call it is necessary to fill out a form.

Thinking about this situation we can think that the user may be upset, and this makes us consider the choice of Norton as our header antivirus.

  • Telephone support: Uninterrupted telephone support for technical and billing questions.
  • Chat support: Customer support has a chat to respond quickly to problems


While other security softwares are adding more protection as plans are improved, Norton bases its plans on the number of devices and offers similar protection in the two most basic plans, although there are more important differences in the Premium.

If you only want to protect a device, the optimal protection with Norton Antivirus 2019 is achieved in our opinion with the Norton Security Standard plan and the Norton WiFi Privacy add-on if you usually browse from public Wi-Fi networks. Keep in mind that if you browse with your mobile data, it is not a public network. Public network is, for example, when you enter the network of a cafeteria or a library.

From here on, improving the plan will only interest you, in our opinion, if you want to protect several devices or if you want to use the backup function. Secure storage in the cloud is also interesting, but free substitutes can be found online. If you want to protect several devices, you may be more interested in what is in our opinion the best antivirus.

Therefore, the Norton Antivurs with its Standard plan offers you everything you need as an average Internet user and at a very attractive price as it is still a basic plan.

You can always download Norton Antivirus Free Trial for 90 days 😉 (Clic Here)