How to Block all Incoming Calls


Many times we don’t feel like receiving these annoying calls from unwanted people or we are tired of being called by the bank to make promotions that do not interest us. Or maybe you’re on vacation and you just don’t want your boss to call you. Other times we find our mobile phone flooded with … Read more

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 or MP4

Flvto converter

The YouTube application has a lot of utilities and in fact in we have already talked before about things we can do with other complementary applications and some tricks, such as What are the best applications to download music for free from YouTube? However, there are many more applications and websites that help us … Read more

The Best Internet Download Managers for Android

android sdk manager download

Despite the constant transformation of technology and thus new alternatives for viewing all kinds of content on electronic devices, file downloads are still in use around the world today. While it is true that in the past large files were sectioned into multiple parts to simplify downloading, this required a lot of time and unfortunately … Read more