Antivirus Cleaner for Android


Super Cleaner Antivirus is more than an antivirus, since it includes numerous functions to optimize your mobile or Android tablet. In a very short time it has been placed among the most downloaded Android antivirus. It only took a few months until the app, developed by the Chinese company KSMobile or Kingsoft Security, which would … Read more

How to Upgrade Windows 7 for Free to the Latest Version


Windows 7 is a version of the operating system created by Microsoft in 2009. With a market share of 41.55% at the beginning of 2018, it is an operating system similar to its predecessor (Windows Vista), in multiple of its functionalities. But, what we are interested in bringing you in this article is a step-by-step … Read more

How to Easily Update Drivers in Windows 7 / 10


Before you start talking about how to update drivers in Windows operating systems, you need to know what that word means. Not everyone really knows what a driver is and the needs they have within a computer. Therefore, the first thing to do is to define what a driver is and what it is used … Read more

How to Update the Software of the Phone or Tablet


The existing range of software for mobile devices is very wide and can do almost anything; we have reached a point where technology is a fundamental part of our everyday life. Our smartphone or tablet is capable of doing almost everything necessary to avoid a multitude of tasks. In this way, it is logical to … Read more

How to Upgrade Windows 10 for Free


With the arrival of the Windows 10 operating system to the market, Microsoft has remodeled its creations providing a more efficient solution for all its users. It has introduced a series of applications designed to run on all the brand’s devices, including tablets, smartphones, personal computers, Xbox One … But can all users upgrade to … Read more

360 Security Free Antivirus Booster Cleaner


Is your PC going slow? You may need to use a powerful antivirus to free it from unwanted cyber damage, and to keep it at 100% of its potential. One of these programs is the 360 Security Antivirus free, which has been available since 2005. Its success has been such that it reaches 450 million … Read more

How to Activate ESET NOD32 Antivirus? Step by Step Guide

eset nod32

ESET NOD32 is an antivirus signed by the Slovak company ESET. It is a program, or a whole suite of security, compatible with all types of operating systems and responsible for ensuring the protection of user information and all data both the computer equipment in which it is installed and the browsing through the internet. … Read more