How to Activate Avast Antivirus? Step by Step Guide


Avast Antivirus is, as its name suggests, an antivirus program created by the Czech company Avast Software. Its first launch was in 1991, settling as a reference and working since then with new versions and updates that increasingly improve their work when it comes to protecting computers and computer equipment. It is software that is … Read more

Best Free Antivirus for PC, Mac or Mobile to Download in 2019


Do you do business online and have not yet protected your computer with a security system? Today I will offer you several alternatives to download free antivirus for PC, Mac or mobile. Every day is more important the security in the devices and computer systems that we use in our professional performance and even in … Read more

Top 10 Antivirus for Android

antivirus and cleaner for android

Android is by far the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. That’s why many cybercriminals are interested in creating and spreading malware that attacks and accesses these devices in order to obtain access data, emails, passwords and even bank details of the owners of these devices. That’s why we bring you a … Read more

How to Update YouTube for Free


Surely there is no one who at this point in the digital age does not know the Youtube Icon YouTube platform. From anywhere, with just one click you can view all kinds of video content. But many will ask, how can I update Youtube for free to enjoy all its advantages? We’ll tell you about … Read more

How to Disable Windows Defender


Windows Defender is Microsoft’s native antivirus, whose function lies in the analysis and search for malware within the various files and programs found on the computer. In addition to this, it has the ability to protect your computer instantly by detecting malicious or unwanted files in real time, thus having control of everything that is … Read more

How do I Activate and Upgrade to the New Version of Gmail


Gmail is the email platform made by Google. A system available in web format or in the form of apps for phones and tablets with which to manage e-mail, receive, send and organize everything related to mails. Its new version has arrived, full of changes and novelties designed to make it easier to use and … Read more