Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick Heal Total Security has all the features you expect from an antivirus. With a lot of additional features, including parental controls. It is easy to use and effective to detect malware.

It detects all kinds of new and unknown viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and other threats and protect your system. Few system resources are used, which provides complete protection without slowing down your equipment.

Let’s learn more about this powerful and interesting antivirus.

Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro for PC and mobile Android


Installing quick heal antivirus pro on your pc is quite simple, requires only a few minutes.

  • The first thing we have to do is enter the official antivirus page. You can copy and paste the URL “https://www.quickheal.com/download-free-antivirus” click on the following link (Here).
  • Now we must choose the type of license we want, according to our needs we will choose the antivirus for (Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10, Mac, Mobile, etc).
  • Once downloaded Quick Heal Antivirus free we click install, wait a few minutes and we can enjoy it.


Quick Heal has two scanning models for virus scanning, one automatic and one customizable.

  • If we choose the automatic the antivirus will analyze in search of malicious processes, files and directories according to the predetermined configurations of the system. On the other hand, if we choose the customizable we will be the ones that we can choose the areas and files to be analyzed.
  • The AV Testing Institute has established a “superior product” rating.
  • It has a continuous monitoring system (Advance DNAScan) to be able to continuously monitor those programs that it considers unsafe.
  • Performs automatic control processes looking for special rogueware. This type of Rogueware programs are dedicated to installing malware by hiding it and offering it as a tool to eliminate and eliminate malware.

FeaturesQuick Heal Antivirus Total Security

  1. Antivirus: Performs automatic searches to detect threats (viruses, Trojans, worms, etc).
  2. Antirootkit: Search and remove rootkits looking thoroughly on your pc.
  3. Antispyware: Blocks spyware to prevent identity theft.
  4. Firewall: Monitor all your activity on the network while you are surfing the internet.
  5. Antispam: Keeps your mail guarded by eliminating email and unwanted or fraudulent messages.
  6. Antiphishing: Avoid fraudulent websites (Impersonation).
  7. Parental control: We can configure Quick Heal Antivirus for PC to have all the activity of our children controlled, configuring access permissions to certain websites for example.
  8. Tuneup: It allows us to optimize our applications and PC (Cookies management, temporary internet files, registry entries, etc).
  9. Duplicate File Finder: Help eliminate duplicate and unnecessary files.
  10. Defragmenter: Files and sections of the operating system are defragmented to optimize their performance. Very useful to keep our device always at maximum performance.

Our opinion

It is one of the antivirus that we have analyzed more effective (higher detection rate of malicious processes and the one that had fewer resources).


Real-time scanning, also of the boot time, protection against Ransomware.

If you are looking for a complete and effective antivirus, Quick Heal Antivirus pro is a very good alternative. For example, if you perform banking operations frequently this antivirus is what you are looking for.

Another feature that we really like is the TrackMy Laptop function, if you lose your laptop this function will allow you to track it.

Although its price is a little higher than most antivirus market, for the benefits it offers, is more than justified (excellent value for money).