SkyTorrents Closes… What Alternatives to Download and Search Torrents are Still Open in 2020?

Those who like to watch free movies and series know very well that the best way to do this is to download torrents from P2P sites. This way, any user can access the content of his or her choice at any time, but there are so many torrent sites at the moment that it is difficult to control them.

That’s why many people have a favorite and that’s what they do when they want to see a program. Among the most visited places in the world are The Pirate Bay, KAT, RARBG, Limetorrents and 1337X. Most of them are portals more than 10 years old in the network, but they are constantly changing their domain through closures that force them to run authorities, like Sky Torrents, another very popular and effective portal for this service. Although you know whether the information is finally closed or whether it will reappear with a new domain, you can’t stop watching your favorite movies or series.

In this tutorial we will show you a full list of the best web torrents that may be an alternative to closing the famous Sky Torrents. However, this counter only contains secure and functional sites, so it should store them all and have access to the portals when you need them.


What happened to SkyTorrents, did they close it or doesn’t it work?

SkyTorrents, although not an old project, was born and established as one of the best because it was a simple and effective site to find torrents without the annoying cookies, ads and scripts that similar sites use against you when you visit their pages.

Unfortunately, his name was announced in mid-2018 on a wide list of portals closed by the Guardia Civil and the FBI. Since then, they have created new portals with a different domain extension, but the attacks are so constant that these new sites are no longer online.


List of the best Torrent websites (P2P) alternative to SkyTorrents

In SkyTorrents it was possible to find safe and verified files to download immediately, which saved a lot of time and caused reception by users, made a lot of donations as long as they stayed on the network, because they had problems because they couldn’t use advertising or any type of software on the users’ computers, they couldn’t pay the costs of servers.

They closed for a while and came back with the donations they received, but in the end they shut down for good and left the abandoned people without an effective network. Fortunately, there are other portals that perfectly meet the mission of offering content that can be downloaded via P2P, and we will mention the following.


A platform mainly based on anime. It specializes in one type of program, unlike other websites. The anime comes from the word animation in Japan, basically identifies all types of Japanese animations, including comics, comics or manga. In Nyaa, the creators have set themselves the task of bringing together a large number of this type of content, so that those who wish to do so can see them easily.

The design of the website is very simple, when you enter the website you can see above if you can use the search bar for greater accuracy and ease in finding what you want to see. The only detail that remains unresolved is that the files have a Japanese name to use and understand that you should use the Google translator.

torrents-io is a meta-search engine that allows you to browse through the torrent content of different websites without having direct access to it, saving you time and energy.  One thing to keep in mind is that it does not analyze files, it only offers them from anywhere on the internet. So, if you have the results, you should review the comments of other users and only visit those users that are recommended and seem safe.

The user interface is intuitive, when you enter, you will see the control panel, which is very complete and the home page, just type the name of what you want to see in the bar, and the search engine will do its job.


Zooqle is not known, but users who have used it appreciate its functionality and appearance. The site stores millions of files in the database, contains legitimate torrents and is easy to search for what you want, just plug in the most popular and downloaded files and just browse through the most popular and downloaded files or go to the bar and search directly for the movie you want to watch.

It gives you access to a large database with all kinds of multimedia content and software that you normally only have access to for a fee. The good news is that this is a new brand that has not yet been discovered by the authorities and is not being tracked, so it can last for a long time without interruption. (


Popcorn Time is constantly looking for the best torrents on the main sites to offer them directly and make the task easier for users. Popcorn is characterized by the fact that, unlike the competition, it has no restrictions and you can watch any movie or TV series as often as you want, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Moreover, their catalog is impressive, they include some firsts of all kinds, programs that you will not be able to get for free in other places here, will be in the best HD quality with subtitles, without having to wait or download time, you can enjoy instant viewing of movies and series.


Monova attracts more than 6 million users, which is proof of its effectiveness. This platform offers a wide variety and quantity of high quality content ranging from videos, series, movies, software, e-books and more. You’ll probably find what you’re looking for in Monova, but you need to support advertising that you can’t block with any application.

The interface is simple, has no catchy elements like some platforms of this type, but chooses something minimalist. When you enter, you will see the most popular torrents in a download list or you can click on the magnifying glass in the top bar to search for names.


Another fairly popular meta-search engine is Toorgle, which is based on Google. It automatically scans and searches more than 450 websites, so whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it very easy. When you open it, you can enter the file name and search for results with information about the content, but you need to read the comments to make sure it’s not fake pages or viruses that could endanger your computer. The interface is of course very similar to Google and there is not much to explain as it is intuitive and easy to understand.


One of the sites that stands out for its quality database that contains videos, programs, series, music, adult content, books and all kinds of interesting content. Aesthetically, the design is quite simple, as you enter it, we see your logo, a menu at the top and the bar in the middle to enter the name of what we want to search, or a little below the category icons to search for applications, TV, games, music, books, anime, adult content or others.

Rutracker is a website that has been available for many years: in 2015, users were exposed to threats and blockages from different countries because more than 20,000 free albums with original songs were included in the database.

The site has changed its domain and today you can enjoy all previous content and the latest updates. The user interface is easy to use; there is static advertising on many websites, but when you look at the main page, you will see the most popular content or you can filter by different categories until you find what you are looking for.

Because we are looking for alternatives to Sky Torrent, we try to offer you more than any other search engine. That’s why we recommend, a very popular portal that started as a clone of Todotorrent after the closure of Todotorrent, and yet its efficiency has made it one of the best sites for our downloads.

The ease of use of the simple and minimalist interface allows you to find a detailed list of downloadable URLs of more than 30 million files they currently work with, and to increase their number daily by clicking on “Search” after entering the name of the desired content.

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What are the risks of downloading torrents?

While all the portals we recommend are safe, downloading P2P content is a big risk. Every time you start downloading a file using this method, you expose yourself and your computer to many dangers that can lead you through a very bad time.

First, the fact that you can download a file that is infected with a virus that adversely affects the operation of your computer. In addition, someone can use the connection established during the download to steal important information from your computer.

Therefore, you should always take precautions and download from a computer equipped with an antivirus program and make sure that you do not download content from insecure portals, which are numerous.