The Best Applications to Block Ads on Android and iOS

Today around the world, we are constantly faced with multiple advertising content and especially when we browse the vast majority of websites on the Internet. Usually, these are platforms that bombard you with thousands of ads and emerging advertising while you watch some information, and is that wherever you go, whether in the banner at the top, in the sidebars or even in the content itself, you will find this type of advertising content.

While it is true, advertising is one of the ways that developers and publishers have to assist their evolution and many times, it is the only opportunity they have to move forward. But this becomes invasive and even abusive for users of certain web platforms. That’s why there are alternatives to not block ads on the Internet, since you can not do it in real life when wherever you look, you are being asked “loudly” to buy or consume something.

For its part, there are various applications that are responsible for not allowing pop-up ads in your web browser or even on platforms such as YouTube, some being native to Android and others iOS operating system. That’s why from this article, we show you the best options to get rid of the large amount of advertising you find on the Internet and almost always becomes annoying.

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Why it’s important to have an advertising blocker installed on your smartphone

Having the best applications to block advertising on Android and iOS is a complete respite for Internet users, and is that for most of them it is bad taste to be surfing and find several advertising banners that only manage to hinder the action being carried out. Indeed, using an advertising blocker provides a better experience, since we can perfectly enjoy the information obtained and in a simpler and more pleasant.

It is also necessary to take into account that the advertising formats that you find on the Internet, generate more discomfort than thought. Among them they can be emphasized:

  • Slower loading of the content we want to see on a particular website.
  • When you browse a mobile device, regardless of whether it is Android or iPhone, they cover a large part of the screen and obstruct reading excessively.
  • They can result in a risk to the security and privacy of the user.
  • Higher data consumption and battery wear.
  • Internet advertising is often a non-transparent business.

The Best applications to block advertising on Android and iOS

If you have an Android operating system mobile phone, here are the best applications to block advertising:



It’s totally free that works in a very simple but powerful way in Android. AdGuard is easy to install and set up on your mobile; on it, protection against advertisements is as simple as touching the button. It will also show you data about how many have been blocked since you installed the app.

Among its most important features, it actively searches for and protects against threats to your device. In addition, it works perfectly in mobile games.

Adblock Plus


It is estimated to be the most popular advertising blocker for Android applications. It is an easy to install and configure option that minimizes the amount of banners that the user sees in his mobile browser.

Adblock Plus offers several configurations to explore and create the best possible browsing experience. As a totally beneficial feature, it reduces the most annoying ones automatically in your browser, and in addition, it disables advertising tracking, hides link buttons and social network sharing and provides personalized advertising in your web searches.

TrustGo Ad Detector

TrustGo Ad detecktor

As mentioned above, Internet advertisements can be very dangerous to privacy and security because they add tracking cookies that can map your trip on the web. However, TrustGo Ad Detector is widely designed to counteract this by showing you exactly which websites you have visited and which have tracked your information. Luckily, it’s a completely free application.

AppBrain Ad Detector


It is a very powerful and complete alternative to restrict pop-ups and avoid ads in your web browser. As if that weren’t enough, it is capable of locating spam and suppressing push notification from your Android device, depending on the custom configuration.

In addition, AppBrain Ad Detector offers users different preset configurations to find their perfect configuration. Also scan before your browsing experience for more efficient response times.

Free Adblocker Browser


Refers to a very popular application for Android devices, which will completely replace the browser of your mobile or Tablet, offering a fully powerful browser that provides you without doubt, a better web browsing experience for free.

Free Adblocker Browser removes any pop-up and banner, can block ads in videos and disable the tracking of these on your device. Just like hiding, deleting and disabling cookies.

Unicorn Adblocker


It is valued as one of the best for its high quality. It has an effective locking system and can save up to 21% of the energy of your device. In addition, it improves the speed of navigation multiplying it by three and allows to save the mobile data. The Unicorn Adblocker application costs 2,13 $.

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Crystal Adblock

Crystal Adblock

This application is especially aimed at those who have a Samsung Galaxy, i.e. Crystal Adblock is a specific advertising blocker. It automatically deactivates all types of banners that are on the Internet and also pop-up, allowing you to save data from your mobile rate and increase the security of the device.

Wipr Blocker


It’s a simple iPhone blocker (also an extension for the Safari browser), is very easy to use, and has the ability to block all ads and tracking requests on your device forever at the touch of a button. Among its most interesting features are: it integrates private browsing functions, is added to the Safari browser, and does not drain the battery. All for as low as $1.99.



It is supported by the leading software for this purpose and is a very powerful application for iOS devices. AdBlock makes it easy for you to use the built-in configuration and also customize your own experience as you wish. It can also be used on iPad devices to block ads.

This blocker provides a crisp user experience, adds a ton of test configurations and pre-designed blocking profiles to be incorporated into iOS devices.

Purify Block Ads

Purify Block Ads

It’s compatible with Safari and helps purify your web browsing experience through devices that successfully block iPhone ads.

In Purify, there are several custom options you should try to find the one that best suits your requirements. This application is priced at $1.99. As an excellent advantage, it increases browsing speed by 4x, reduces data consumption by up to 50% and suppresses all forms of tracking on the web.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

It’s a complete and free browser, as well as popular that comes with good add-on ad blockers. It can be ratified that it is one of the most effective applications to do this on both iPhone mobiles and even on iPad.

It is important to note that Firefox Focus definitively erases history, improves the loading speed of websites and provides custom settings to stop crawlers online.

AdGuard Pro

AdGuard Pro

It is recognized as one of the most advanced apps in the world and can also help you when it comes to getting parental control features. The AdGuard Pro platform exhibits multiple automatic features that allow you to browse and customize your own profiles. It also provides real-time data analysis and information from your iPhone, has a built-in firewall service and costs only $1.99.



This application does not show web or mobile advertising and is able to delete warnings, cookies, images and many other content to achieve a faster experience on the web. Blockr has an extension to do this directly from the iOS 9 Safari web browser.