What are The Best Applications to Change Faces in Android and iOS? 2020

With the development of technology and its goal of always being functional for humans and making their life much simpler, various applications have emerged that manage to cover any day-to-day action of its users. Taking into account that they are used through mobile devices and this, increases the ease and comfort of people when using them. In this sense, apps that are dedicated to having fun and making people laugh are not far behind. Allowing you to do so, have a good time during long periods and test your ingenuity and creativity.

In this way, many of those apps refer to those that have the ability to invert faces and with which, you can look like an individual of the opposite gender, a baby, a lady, a doll and many more faces, which completely counteract the Boredom and you can employ in the company of whomever you wish. Thus, these applications allow you to change your face with these people and spend an unparalleled moment to, in short, end the stress to which you submit every day.

In this sense, we want to let you know the best applications to change faces from your mobile in real time, either on an Android or iOS terminal, so that you can start using these tools at this time, because Memes are one of the elements that they call the digital world today. In effect, you will give a better use to the camera of your Smartphone and you will have multiple images that are completely humorous and even surrealistic.

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List of the best apps for exchanging faces and photo faces on Android

Let’s review the best utilities to install for free on our Android phone and start playing changing our faces for others or even adding gadgets and accessories really curious and fun!

1/ Snapchat


Undoubtedly, this mobile app has made a difference when exchanging faces and changing them. Since, it is the first platform that implemented these practices and therefore, is very famous worldwide. Thus, it is available on Android devices and also on iOS. Thanks to his recognition and excellent tools, he had to occupy the number one position in this list.

You can also easily find it in the Google Play Store and start enjoying the best fun, through filters, bookmarks, retouching and other features that you can use simply. Taking into account that in addition to this, it offers you the possibility to download the result of the image you obtained and share it in other media, whether in WhatsApp, Instagram or any platform you want.

2/ Cut Paste Photos

Cut Paste Photos

This app designed especially for Android, shows an interface with great simplicity and mainly, is responsible for cutting faces and then insert them into other bodies or places. This, by means of a tool called “Background Eraser” that allows to eliminate the original background of the image and thus, to place it in another one.

Therefore, its operation is very simple, since you only have to select a photo from your gallery, mark the silhouette of what you want to get in the cut and automatically, this cut will be transformed into a PNG that you can manipulate to your liking.

Among other tools, Cut Paste Photos is considered a clearly advanced photo editor, because after cutting, allows you to have sharper and more accurate edges, so you will not notice the editing in any way.

Added to this, has an option identified as “Color Pop”, which shows splashes of colors in order to maintain an intense saturation or highlight the most important part of the image. It also allows you to make collages, create a fun clone effect with “Clone of photo“, make a double exposure and convert photos cut into texts.

3/ FaceSwap – Photo Editor Creative


Another solution for Android is this program that is also simple to use and in addition to exchanging faces, it exhibits a great variety of options that make it an excellent alternative.

Among its particularities, it is necessary to emphasize that it has an instantaneous video function, from which it is possible to perform movement exchange in real time, offering you an excellent experience of face modification, taking into account that it adds dozens of faces of movement with which you can try different combinations.

It also allows you to create collage with multiple photos, has excellent filters of photos and videos, has quick stickers and sticker games that satisfy any taste, regardless of age or style.

Added to this, has selections for photo retouching, a great face recognition, the function of “Face Clone” and with this application you can share your creations quickly on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc.

4/ Age me

Age me

Thus, as the name implies, this application has been designed to age the appearance of the faces of its users. It is free and contains ads, with it you can age the face of a person for decades, adding funny glasses, mustache, beard, wrinkles and other elements that change the face and make it real, so that after the photo was unrecognizable.

As for its interface, it is extremely simple. In reference to its most notable features, it can be said that this photo editor is very good and gives you the option of importing a photo from your mobile gallery, from the camera or even from Facebook to start creating the edition of the most old lady you can see.

Now, after obtaining the result, the image is immediately saved in your gallery or if you wish, you can share it directly on other sites such as WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook and Twitter.

5/ Photo Face Swap


This mobile application for Android is free, with advertisements and allows you to exchange faces in your own photos, by means of simple tools to use and very effective, given that the results it emits are completely realistic.

Although these, it also depends on the lighting of the original images and the alignment of your face in that photo. Being such a way, one of the favorite programs for Android users, thanks to the process within the platform is quick and easy to carry out.

On the other hand, Photo Face Swap has a mechanism like “face pump effect” that inserts a face in all people in a single image, which is quite funny because everyone will be there with the same face.

In short, you can make the change with several photos (one or two) and even with six faces in each photo. And like all the aforementioned editors, with this app you can store your creations in the Smartphone gallery or share them through various social networks.

List of the best applications to change the faces of photos on iPhone

Now, we focus on the best apps to exchange faces of photos on iOS devices, especially on an iPhone. It is important to note that you can easily download them from the iTunes Store.



This ideal platform for changing faces on an iPhone (also supported by Android devices), exhibits various tools that estimate it as one of the most optimal photo editors for that purpose.

In addition to being able to install it for free, it integrates the ability to exchange faces for various predefined reasons or to do it with another person next to you. About its operation, we can confirm that it is very simple, since you simply have to choose some of the faces that are already in the library and since then, the same application will be responsible for locating it.

With MSQRD you can share your creations with your friends through social networks, after using your face or whoever it is, in dozens of digital masks that perfectly combine your facial features with special magical effects. Keeping in mind that these masks are animated depending on your expression. So, from this mobile app, you can even become a panda, zombie, etc.

2/ Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth

Another free option for iPhone is this platform that manages to exchange faces perfectly and store them wherever you want at any time. In this sense, the app allows you to change as many faces as you want, adjust the skin tone to match perfectly, copy and save faces to use them in another opportunity and has a perfect integration with the social network Facebook.

Additionally, it allows you to add great faces manually or even automatically, if you prefer that the same app detects each face.

Face Swap Booth is considered an advanced tool that manages to superimpose custom faces using a set of special masks to choose only the facial features you want. Which means that you can mix between a person’s eyes, with the nose and mouth of another individual, and so on.

As a result, the possibilities you have with the program are endless, and with this you can even mix and match the facial function to create “new people”.

3/ MixBooth


This app is not responsible for exchanging faces specifically, but mixes two faces in one and it is really quite fun. This way, it allows you to include your photos and photos of other people with whom you want to combine faces, and to make it funnier, you can add celebrity images and thus, look like a star when using the application.

MixBooth works automatically, since it detects faces and mixes them right away. As for its operation, it accepts photos taken with the camera of the iPhone or those that you have stored in the photo library of the mobile or in the albums of Facebook. In addition, it presents an option that works by shaking the cell phone in order to observe the before and after photos.

It also has a transformation process that takes only seconds and without the requirement of being connected to the Internet, you can share your creations with whoever you want through Facebook, Twitter, email and even by SMS. Like adjusting the skin color of the images.

4/ ZombieBooth


It is an application that, in addition to being compatible with iOS devices, is also compatible with Android devices. ZombieBooth is specifically designed to give your face the features of a zombie in just seconds, which are animated in 3D and can add accessories such as masks and helmets in the style of Walking Dead.

In this sense, through this platform you can record and share videos of your friends “zombified“, even live where you can see that the zombies breathe, blink, frown and you can hear growling.

To choose between different variations of zombies, you just have to shake or touch the mobile and then the app will identify the face, thus creating any 2D portrait in a totally 3D one. The videos obtained with ZombieBooth can be published as well as the images, through social networks and email. Thus, you will perfectly exhibit the more than 50 zombie effects that the platform contains.

5/ Face Swap Live Lite

Face Swap Live Lite

This app with a free version and another payment, is unquestionably one of the best alternatives available in the iTunes Store to exchange faces with your family or friends in real time. Firstly, because its operation is extremely simple, because you only need to place your face or the other person’s face in the frame of the camera and immediately, the platform detects it and shows the static images to be used.

In short, Face Swap Live Lite offers a tool to record videos or photos of yourself exchanging faces with an acquaintance, a celebrity or even any funny image you find on the Internet or your iPhone. In short, it is an ideal solution to have a good time and use the viewer of the camera perfectly for the application to work in seconds.