What are The Best Apps to MP3 Songs and Music Free Download to Android Phones? 2020

In general, listening to music is one of the favorite pastimes of many people today and with the great boom of mobile phones, the vast majority of users choose to look for solutions that allow them to enjoy this content anywhere and anytime.

Faced with this requirement, a large number of mobile applications emerged that allow downloading music in various formats. But well, most prefer to do it in MP3 format for different reasons and because of it, many developers were concerned to design apps of this type that allow downloading MP3 songs easily and for free.

This is why, below, we have made a section for you with a variety of apps compatible with Android, which reveal an excellent performance around the download of songs in this format and best of all is that they fit the tastes of all kinds of users.


List of the 30 best applications to MP3 songs free download for your phone and Android tablet to play in streaming

As we’ve mentioned, in this section we show you a lot of applications that work ideally for downloading music and songs for free in MP3. Highlighting this way, next, its details of greater importance and part of its execution in Android devices:

1/ Deezer Music

Deezer Music

In the Google Play Store, this application is one of the most downloaded to listen to all the music you want for free and without any complications. Taking into account that, in such a way, it is one of the platforms most used in Android for this purpose, as it has a highly varied library with more than 40 million songs containing all genres.

In addition, Deezer Music stands out for sending personalized recommendations to each of its users and additionally, facilitates the creation of their own music library. It also allows you to listen to mixes based on a specific song, artist or album; it has “Android Auto” to access the playlists directly from the car and to ensure more advanced functions, it has a Premium version. (You can have the best songs hindi MP3 download for free).

2/ Google Play Music


Another of the most famous solutions for Android devices is Google Play Music, which provides a kind of free radio with ads, which automatically adapts to what you are doing, as well as your emotions and what you prefer to listen. Counting this way, with an option of musical collection, in which its users can upload up to a total of 50,000 songs to enjoy them from their mobile or Tablet.

In reference to its free version, allows you to discover podcasts and subscribe to them, also issues intelligent recommendations based on the specific tastes of each person. It has a subscription version that allows you to include up to 6 members and enjoy the whole service for an affordable price…

3/ AUP


It is an application that has extraordinary features to play and listen to your favorite music directly from the platform, since it supports the large number of formats that are commonly handled today. Being a completely fast service, very modern and absolutely safe because it does not track your information or your behavior. It also has valuable multimedia support and thanks to this, you can also see photographs and videos.

Now, detailing in more depth the music formats that AUP supports, we indicate that they are: MP3, MP4, AC3, ARE, FLAC, WAV, MIDI, OPUS, WMA, TTA, ATRAC and many more. Even more advantageously, it includes a media converter so that, with its help, you can modify the format of the files you want to hear or see, if necessary.

4/ Spotify: Music and Podcasts


This, today, is one of the most popular applications to listen to music for free on Smartphone and Tablet, regardless of location. Therefore, it is not only compatible with Android, but also with other recognized operating systems. In Spotify you have access to all kinds of music and podcasts, with a variety of artists and albums. And the app lets you create your own playlists.

Among its main features, we highlight: You can play the songs in random mode, there are no restrictions on their use and the platform is very easy to use. As for its paid version, it adds the feature of listening to music in offline mode, has a much higher sound quality and does not emit advertising.

5/ SoundCloud Music

SoundCloud music

With many downloads worldwide at the Google Play Store, it’s an application that not only allows you to listen to music of all genres, but also adds more features. One of them is the one that facilitates the discovery of podcasts, news and humor. As well, the possibility of following friends and artists within the same app.

In short, you have options for making playlists and collecting the tracks you want. Among other details: SoundCloud has the latest music, has quick search to find songs, artists and other users directly. It also allows you to record sounds and share them on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, as well as listen to your streaming wherever you are making use of data connection or WiFi.

6/ MP3 Music Downloader

Mp3 Music Downloader

Free and with a remarkable ease of use, this application is also a good solution for listening to and downloading MP3 songs. Beginning because it allows you to listen to the tracks you want without having to have an Internet connection. Add all the existing genres and instruments and ensure a fully flexible search engine to locate the songs you want most at any given time.

For its part, MP3 Music Downloader integrates more than a million high quality MP3 songs, all tracks are available for personal and non-commercial use, adds free storage, emits fast downloads and fits the tastes of each of its users.

7/ Free MP3 Downloads

Free Mp3 downloads

It’s one of the most complete apps to download MP3 music to your mobile or Tablet Android. It allows you to search, download and listen to songs that are “free to use” and integrate all kinds of genres. Added to this, as well as making it easy to listen when you want all the tracks downloaded, you can also enjoy the other MP3 records contained in your device, through the application. Because it works as a music player.

Among other details, it should be noted that Free MP3 Downloads gives the simplicity of downloading the lyrics of the songs you require, which attracts many users. In addition, it has an extremely intuitive interface, is available in several languages and because it is very light, it is compatible with all Android models.

8/ Snaptube


For those who prefer to download their songs and also have the videos of them, SnapTube is an ideal option because it makes it easy to download any video clip from YouTube and other platforms such as Vimeo or LiveLeak, as well as directly from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Vine. All this, in a really simple, fast and comfortable. It also allows you to play those videos without requiring an Internet connection on your mobile or Tablet.

For more details, SnapTube exhibits several search options and among them, highlights its catalog of various subcategories that suits all tastes. It also adds a section of popular videos and has a section where you can see new recommendations daily. You can also search for the songs you want manually, based on their name with the artist.

9/ TinyTunes


It refers to a streaming music playback application that gives you the ability to listen to hundreds of thousands of songs of all genres and is hosted on a total of seven different servers. For this, the only requirement that TinyTunes requests is to have an Internet connection (WiFi, 3G or 4G). Thus, it has a very efficient operation, since, when entering the name of the track, emits the results in just seconds.

In addition, you can create custom playlists and has a section that allows you to listen to the most popular songs of the moment. Also, the platform allows you to download the songs in your terminal or if you prefer, you can only listen to them in streaming. Finally, it is a very lightweight application because it occupies less than 2 MB.

10/ Napster Music

Napster Music

It is an application that has many downloads in the Google Play Store and thanks to this, it is ideal for downloading MP3 music for free on Android devices. It has the ability to listen to music streaming and if you are one of the users who prefer to enjoy it offline, you can also download the songs you want in Napster Music. The app even lets you create playlists without limitation.

As for how it works, we tell you that the application is free of ads and thanks to that, you can listen to music without interruption. You can also use the application when and where you want and, if that’s not enough, it makes it easier for you to discover new music to suit your musical tastes.

11/ Stingray Music

Stingray Music

It is one of the most varied applications, because it provides you with all musical genres at your fingertips and free of charge. Taking into account that the music that integrates this platform has been specially selected by music experts from all over the world. Thus, it allows you to navigate through hundreds of music channels and discover the most popular songs of the moment.

On the other hand, it has searches by artist, musical genre, keywords and many other filters. In short, it has an unlimited streaming option, ensures the best digital sound quality, allows you to log in using your Facebook account, you can bookmark your favorite channels and has a highly sophisticated design.

12/ NetEase Cloud Music

NetEase Cloud Music

It streams all kinds of music and lets you download songs to your Android device quickly. This way, it has a section that guarantees a large number of tracks of all genres and without any limitation for its users. Bearing in mind that shows a completely free support.

It should be noted that this application is considered as a “Chinese Spotify“, but even though it is mainly designed for the people of China, anyone who wants can use it without any inconvenience. It is home to almost all the most renowned international musicians.

13/ InsTube Video Player


Clearly, this application focuses on providing the best audiovisual content to its users, since it works as a powerful video player, where people can find all the songs they want for free. Thus, it is necessary to emphasize that it exhibits the capacity to reproduce videos in ultra high definition and for greater benefit, it counts on great rapidity to transmit the content.

For more details, InsTube Video Player presents the following particularities: It supports streaming playback, ensures automatic identification of all video files on the mobile, supports multiple subtitle formats, broadcasts recent playlists and handles various video clip formats (AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, RM, RMVB, etc).

14/ Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager

It’s another of the most famous apps to download music and best of all, it features multi-threaded download acceleration (9 parts). The interface of this platform is divided into three sections: Search of songs, downloads made and a library to locate the songs obtained and be able to reproduce them. Which, you can listen in the background, pause and summarize.

In addition, it is characterized by providing full download notifications along with sound and vibration on the mobile. In addition, it features content backup and direct settings with the terminal’s SD card. It even adds several customization options, widget for the home screen, profile creation and MP4 video download.

15/ Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro

It is another of the most used apps to listen to and download music at no cost and is royalty free. This means that it is possible to hear versions of known songs but those original tracks of commercial artists cannot be downloaded.

Now, once you download the songs, they will be stored in the memory of your Android device and thanks to this, you can enjoy them at any time with the help of another music player or in the same application.

For its part, has an integrated search engine that gives the ease of getting any item quickly and after that, the process to follow is to download it with just a tap. It features thousands of emerging artist tracks and highly recognized song versions.

16/ Musiqo


It presents the main task of providing MP3 music free of charge and without any limitation. Thus, it stands out for being an application in which all users can enjoy music online and the same, integrate all kinds of genres with more than a million songs. It also has options to create fully customized playlists, make use of autoplay and also play tracks randomly.

Among other details, Musiqo allows you to listen to music directly from the lock screen of your terminal or Tablets, ensures high quality sound, easy search and browsing of the latest popular songs.

17/ RockMyRun – Best Workout Music


It is mainly aimed at those users who love music while performing their sports training. In other words, it allows you to experience the best fitness music that has been selected by experts, as it is a platform that operates in conjunction with the best DJs in the world to create excellent mixes and playlists for all tastes.

Through the results obtained with this app, there has been a great increase in people’s motivation to complete their workouts. Among its best features, we highlight: With RockMyRun you can mix the BPM accumulation during the exercise so you can move forward, adjust the music time to match your steps and select any genre.

18/ 4shared Music

4shared Music

Its operation is mainly based on users sharing the music they have within the platform. In this way, the application will allow you to listen to and download the songs you want from the rest of the users of the service and of course, it makes it easier for you to share yours there. Thanks to its origin in one of the most famous storage services, makes available 15 GB for each user, so they can upload the music they want to their account.

Among other features, it is necessary to distinguish that, if you have a playlist on your Android device, you can save it completely in the cloud and save space on your terminal. In addition, it adds a quick search engine where you can place the name of the song or artist desired and also allows you to listen to music streaming.

19/ GTunes Music Downloader V6

Gtunes music downloader

A free service for all Android users, which facilitates the downloads of songs of any genre and with a remarkably powerful work, as it reveals effective results. In reference to its operation, it stands out for being very simple because it has a fast search engine and once you find the song you want, just download and listen to it.

One of its most eye-catching functions is that it provides the necessary tools to “preview” a song before starting the download, so you can check that it is the one you need. This way, it is considered as one of the best solutions to obtain music in MP3 in Android devices.

20/ Free Music Download & MP3 Music Song Downloader


As its name suggests, it is a free solution for listening to and downloading high quality and unlimited music. It is essential to note that all the songs provided by the platform are in MP3 format. Thus, it has an extremely simple and fast search system, since you can do it around the name of the song, its artist, by genre or even by album.

Allows you to listen to music online or offline through your Android device. For more details: Displays lots of tracks (over a million new song 2018 MP3 download), features fast download engine, has a very eye-catching interface and an ideal music player added.

21/ Tunes Music

tiny tunes

If you want to discover the best music and the most successful songs of the moment, this alternative is the best for you. Because, in addition to supporting MP3 format, also accepts virtually strange audio formats, ie almost all that exist (WAV, WMA and etc.). In addition, it has a quick search for all music files; it can be a function of artists, songs, albums, folders, playlists and so on.

Among other particularities, the app contains a user interface extremely friendly and with a beautiful design, due to its themes. In short, it features powerful equalizer, music alarm, custom background and shutdown timer.

22/ SongFlip


Available for Android, this app is an excellent choice for users who want to find free music for free, through their mobile device or Tablet. It integrates the option of downloading the music you want with just a good Internet connection. In reference to its interface, we indicate that it is very easy to use and displays a beautiful design.

For its part, Songflip has an option that allows you to control all the music directly from the blocking screen. It also provides the simplicity of creating playlists and sectioning all of your favorite songs, as well as browsing genres to more easily find what you want to listen to and download. There’s also an option for streaming music.

23/ MixerBox


It is estimated to be the most powerful music player in the world, as it has the most complete music library (around 20 million tracks to select) and, therefore, exhibits songs of all genres to suit the tastes of its millions of users (including all languages). Added to this, the application reveals a fast operation because it allows you to create your playlists in just three seconds.

It also shows constant updates to ensure the newest music of the moment and these updates are extremely fast. Additionally, it is a free platform that provides personalized recommendations to your VIP users and makes it easy to import playlists automatically.

24/ Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music

With over 500,000 songs in its music catalogue, this application is considered one of the best and most optimised platforms made up of independent musicians who choose to share their talent easily and free of charge. In view of this, they give all their users the possibility of listening to music in streaming and downloading the tracks they want in an unlimited way.

In this way, you can search from the name of each song or through the specific artist or album. It also adds about 13 radio stations with different genres and you can access from your mobile, Tablet or even from its official website by simply entering your username, once registered.

25/ Wynk Music


As an alternative, we present this music app that adds the greatest hits worldwide and provides more than 3 million songs that can be downloaded for free on any Android device, through the Google Play Store. In Wynk Music you can find any selection of music genre and enjoy the music you want at any given time.

It is valuable to note that this application includes high quality streaming, presents thousands of playlists chosen especially for you, displays fast search, adds radio with Internet connection, allows you to manage all your music in one place and even contains support for Chromecast.

26/ SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

It is an application that allows you to download thousands of songs to your mobile or Tablet Android, in a completely fast, comfortable and easy. Starting with a search bar that delivers accurate results in seconds, whether you enter the track name, artist name, or album name. So, to start the process is downloaded, simply click on the song and ready.

Among other details, this app allows you to share the songs you want and in reference to its operation, many users reveal that it is very good and apart from being free, has no limitations around the number of downloads during a day.

27/ Gaana Music

With free and unlimited online access, this application can meet all your musical needs when you need it. Because it has a library full of millions of songs of all genres, among which you can locate from the newest hits, to the oldest tracks and in such a way, the app manages to fit your tastes or mood.

Gaana Music features a free version and a subscription version. But in reference to its free version, we highlight that it offers more than 30 million songs in MP3 format, presents high quality streaming, adds 20 radio stations of different types, allows you to experience the platform in 10 different languages and provides thousands of playlists created by users and experts together.

28/Ares Online


Although it is true, Ares has been one of the most recognized musical platforms over the years, to download music and videos on computers. But today, there is an online version for Android devices that allows you to enjoy the music you want and even download it directly into the memory of your Smartphone or Tablet, for free.

It includes a search bar that delivers fast results, whether you’re typing track identification, your album, disc, artist or band. In terms of its interface, it’s quite simple and in several categories, it features millions of songs to suit all tastes.

29/ PlaYo Unlimited Free Music


As its name indicates, it is an application that allows you to get unlimited music for free. The operation of this platform is based on providing all kinds of songs to its users, so that they enjoy the best content and can choose between the tracks they like. In addition, it has the excellent option of creating playlists and all with MP3 quality.

In addition, PlaYo has the ability to find the music genres you prefer according to your mood. It allows you to tune into thousands of online radio stations, doesn’t take up much space on your device and has the option of listening to music in the background, to visit other apps at the same time.

30/ Palco MP3


Finally, we recommend you download and make use of this application of Brazilian origin that has many users worldwide and is designed to provide all kinds of music to their customers. Since it adds a lot of bands and independent artists of all musical styles that exist today. Considering that it has more than a million songs on its platform and all in MP3 format.

Similar to the other solutions, this application gives you the option of creating fully customized playlists and in addition, it issues suggestions from many playlists created by music experts. As for its interface, it is extremely simple to use and very eye-catching.