What are the Best Websites to Download and View Full Release Series? 2020

Many years ago, it was obligatory to attend certain cinemas in order to watch premiere series and/or films, or you had to wait for a television channel to choose to transmit this content so that you could see its premiere as soon as they decided. But fortunately, this has changed completely with the great boom in the digital age today.

While it’s true, on the Internet you can find a variety of free or paid platforms that allow you to enjoy the series and movies you want, and even see their premieres when they announce it. The best thing about this is that they are web pages that even allow you to download such content so that you can enjoy them at any time, regardless of the place and offline.

That’s why, we want to introduce you in a detailed way, some of the best websites to download and see full series of premieres. Additionally, we will show you how you can keep up to date with the latest releases of your favorite series and also some platforms from which you can get a quick download of Torrent series and movies for free.


How do you keep up to date with the latest releases of your favourite series for viewing and downloading online?

Many users want to be always up to date with the latest releases of their favourite series, so that they can easily and quickly watch and download them over the Internet. However, they don’t know what method they can follow to make it really easy. Well, we recommend using the web service “ShowRSS”.

With ShowRSS

In this sense, this web service gives you the option to create a list of series to which you want to subscribe and thus, be aware when they are available new chapters or even when you can enjoy a new series.


So, you will wonder what you must do to use the service ShowRSS and for it, of course you must access its official website (showrss.info) and do the following:


  • Once you are inside the ShowRSS web platform, you have to proceed to register, for which, you only have to provide a username along with a password that you can not forget. Keep in mind that this is completely free.
  • Afterwards, you can start adding your favorite series through the “Select a show” drop-down menu.
  • After that, click on “Add to my list” to create your interest list.
  • Now, located within the “My Shows” section, is where you will be able to see and enjoy all the series you previously subscribed to.
  • They give you the facility to see your calendar in the “My Schedule” option and from there, you can see which will be the next broadcasts. As well as, a direct link to the download of the chapter or the complete series making use of any program that you use to download torrents.

Now, if you do not know which program to use to download series by torrent, here we recommend you to make use of uTorrent. Since, this is one of the most popular and effective software for downloading torrents easily. Therefore, this will serve to make serial downloads by torrent automatically in merger with the service ShowRSS.

In this sense, the procedure to follow to install uTorrent (in case you do not have it downloaded on your computer), is as follows:

  1. First of all, access their official website that allows you to download and install uTorrent, without any inconvenience or danger.
  2. Once the download process is complete, you have to “launch” it on your computer. To do this, open the program on that PC and access ShowRSS through the browser you want.
  3. Once you are inside the ShowRSS website and you have accessed your account created in this service, go to the “My Feed” option and copy the link located next to the phrase “Your custom feed address”.
  4. Once you have copied this URL to the clipboard, go back to the uTorrent interface and go to the “File” menu.
  5. With the above, this menu will be displayed and there you have to click on the option “Add RSS feed” and is where you must proceed to paste the link you already copied.
  6. Then, they propose you to give it a name or alias and when you do it, go to the “Subscription” section of that window, where you have to check the option “Download all the items published in feed automatically”.
  7. When you click on that choice, you will see that the program immediately shows you the option “Use intelligent episode filtering” and there, you must also check the box to finally press the “OK” button.

Thus, when you complete all the steps detailed above, uTorrent will automatically download all the new chapters of the series that appear and follow on the ShowRSS website. So, you don’t even have to be aware of it or do anything about it.

With Sub.Watch

On the other hand, there is also an alternative identified as “SubWatch” (Web address: sub.watch), which allows you to subscribe to your favorite series and thus be up to date with upcoming releases. Compared to ShowRSS, the interface displayed by SubWatch is much more attractive.


Now, if you prefer to use the latter instead of ShowRSS, what we recommend you to do is the following:

  • Enter the official website of Sub.Watch and for free, proceed to register.
  • Then, start looking for the series that you want to see and that you like the most.
  • Once you have placed them, click on the “Subscribe” button that appears in each of the series offered and immediately these will be saved in the “Shows” section.
  • When you access this tab, you can see details such as: titles, imdb, genre, whether they are active or have ended, the channel where they are broadcast and two additional links (one belongs to the trailer and another to its imdb page).
  • Now, when you hover the mouse pointer over each chapter of a given series, they show you the sites where you can find links to download series through torrent. If you choose this option, you must also use the uTorrent program as in the previous case.
  • Finally, SubWatch has a section called “Discover”, which shows you suggestions and there, you can see the series that are being broadcast at that precise moment.

The best websites to download and view full paid premiere series

Now, if you want a solution for downloading and watching full paid premiere series, here we show you some of the best websites that exist for it and let you know their most relevant features:


For some years now, this online service has taken great power and because of its excellent assistance, it is a website with great reputation.


Thus, it is a payment solution where users must pay from 9 dollars during each month to enjoy the full service. But, for the convenience of customers, Netflix offers 30 days free trial, where you only have to register to access the content.

In this sense, the web allows you to download series and movies of different genres, because it brings together alternatives for all tastes. Among other details, we highlight that Netflix allows you to watch online or download the series in several languages and high audiovisual quality. It even has packages to enjoy viewing in 4K.

Amazon Prime Video

Another online subscription service that works very similar to the famous Netflix. So, this is a website where you can download TV series or movies of all genres and enjoy them from wherever you want.


In this sense, it has a great variety that suits all tastes and thanks to it, has many customers worldwide.

To have the full service of Amazon Prime, you must pay a total of $20 annually. Which means it’s a more affordable alternative compared to many others. In addition, its platform is very easy to use and for greater advantage, has content available in HD quality and up to 4K.

List of the best websites for downloading free Torrent series and movies

In this section, we have prepared a complete list for you, about the web pages that make it easy to watch series and torrent movies for free. However, before accessing any of them and obtaining the content they offer you through downloads, it is essential that you take into account the risks that exist when you purchase series or movies in this way.

Well, it’s worth pointing out that on these types of websites, a constant threat of malware can be maintained. It is considered one of the easiest ways to infect your computer with viruses. In addition, your private data may also be at risk and this is much more serious than contracting malware. Because hackers can steal your data by detecting your IP address when you download certain files.

In short, some may be pirated sites that unfortunately don’t generate anything good for you or the computer you’re using. In fact, we recommend that you be very careful and as soon as you notice any strange buttons, suspicious advertisements or unusual movements, leave the website immediately and make sure you don’t get any downloads from there.

Now, the list of some of the best websites to download series and movies by torrent at no cost, are:

  • seriesonline.net
  • gnula.biz
  • yourserie.com
  • yourmovie.org
  • pelispedia.tv
  • pelisplus.co
  • eztv.ag
  • Elitetorrent
  • pelisplus.to
  • The Pirate Bay
  • ExtraTorrent Online
  • RARBG Torrents
  • yts.ag
  • Torrentz2
  • 1337x
  • TorrentProject
  • Torrent Downloads
  • LimeTorrents

* Note: Some of these addresses may have changed or been blocked by the authorities in your country of access.