What are The Best Password Managers for Android? 2020

Today security has become one of the most important things in our lives, especially when we are surfing the Internet and using our mobile phones, we must take into account that currently most Android devices have their own password managers. With them you will be able to save all the keys and passwords that you use on the Internet every time you enter a site, this will allow you to access a quick and easy.

The use of these managers gives you the ability to create secure passwords and also it is not necessary to remember them all, as you will only have to use a master key for administration. As for the operation of this tool is usually quite basic, as it will only be responsible for remembering your password, take care of them and manage them.

Currently there are many password managers available in the market, in this case in Google Play for Android devices. However, not all of them end up convincing users, which is why we are going to show you which are the best mobile applications that you can install on your device to carry out this function easily, quickly and safely.

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List of the best password managers you need to install on your Android phone

Today you will find endless applications that will allow you to carry out this function. But you have to bear in mind that not all of them are really good. When you want to choose which program to use for our mobile devices it is important to keep in mind that this App is really secure, easy to use, that allows you to use the fingerprint on the device and above all that allows you to generate secure keys.

That’s why we bring you some of the best Apps so you can install on your Android and start enjoying this service in the best possible way.

1/ Dashlane Password manager

Dashlane Password manager

This program is considered one of the best to perform this type of function, in which you will be able to create secure passwords and difficult to reveal. In addition, you will not need to remember it, as it gives you a key where you can save each of the keys you create under this application.

It also features a rape alert if someone else tries to access some of your sites. Dashlane Password is available through the Google Play Store and is completely free of charge. It is mainly characterized by being a lightweight application and you can use it in its Premium version from any Android device.

2/ LastPass Password Manager


This security manager is one of the most recommended at the moment. It has a great platform and has a great ability to synchronize passwords on any Android device. In addition, it is characterized by storing information in the cloud, therefore, you will be able to access them either using the web version or the mobile App by simply entering your credentials.

You can find this App in Google Play totally free. However, it offers you packages with which you can improve the tool and have different costs.

3/ 1Password


In it you will be able to find a great diversity of functions whether it be saving addresses, combinations, passwords of applications, social networks, lockers, among many others. It has a large security system where you can create security keys completely secure. In addition, if your mobile phone becomes stolen or lost, it has the option of being able to enter the tool with your access data and block any type of access to it, in this way it will be impossible to access your content.

The security level of this App is so advanced that it has already been proven that not even a hacker would be able to access it. But, due to its excellent performance 1Password is not free, so if you want to install it you will have to do so under one of their plans through the Google Play Store. But, if we must point out that it has a trial mode version that is completely free, but this one will only last you a few days.

4/ Keeper


This App will allow you to create totally secure passwords with which you will be able to protect all your multimedia content of your Android device. In addition, it gives you the ability to block using your fingerprint, which will allow you to have greater security with all your information.

Keeper is characterized by being a very difficult program to hack, which will help you remember the key on different websites, as well as being able to synchronize the application with other Android phones and is completely free.

5/ Enpass Password Manager


Enpass is considered one of the best custom key managers which gives you the option to save all your content locally, as well as save it in the cloud. It’s free and you can get it from the Google Play store.

However, this free version will only allow you to save a maximum of 20 passwords. Once you have reached this limit and want to increase it you will have to make a paid version. Enpass prices are usually not as high as those of other Apps.

6/ Password Safe and Manager

Password Safe and Manager

This App will allow you to share data through Dropbox. In addition, you can create a large amount of password for your sites, as well as access through a master key, widgets to generate new “keys” and a general cleaning.

Password Safe is considered as one of the best programs to carry out this type of functions and above all has the advantage that you can get it for free.

7/ My Passwords

My Passwords

Finally we bring you My Passwords, in it you will be able to create passwords for your bank applications, emails, social networks or any other application. It also gives you the ability to have a single password to access all your content, as well as make use of the fingerprint which will give you greater security and convenience.

My Passwords can be found in Google Play and is totally free. It has very good ratings by its users and above all gives you the ability to back up each of your keys.