How to Update YouTube for Free

Surely there is no one who at this point in the digital age does not know the Youtube Icon YouTube platform. From anywhere, with just one click you can view all kinds of video content. But many will ask, how can I update Youtube for free to enjoy all its advantages? We’ll tell you about it below.

YouTube was created in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees who saw the need to create a place where they could share videos of a party that everyone had attended. There have been many small changes but in August 2017, and after its purchase by the giant Google, the platform was renewed and even the logo was changed to separate the name from its characteristic symbol: A red square with a white Play symbol in the middle.

The operation of the application is very simple. You only have to place yourself in the search engine at the top to write the text with which you will relate all the videos that appear at the bottom. Then choose the video you want to watch and click on it.


How to update YouTube on Android with Play Store

Youtube has also become a means of expression, as it is possible to be a content creator. Many people have become “youtubers”, which means that they create entertainment videos on their own and publish them on the platform for everyone to see.

This is becoming a livelihood for some. But for those of us who give it a user-level utility, the most important thing is to know how we can update Youtube to have its latest features activated.

Youtube, with the new image update, has changed a little the location of the options on Android mobile devices. Once started the app, now you can find the details of our profile by clicking on the top on our avatar. In the lower part, appears the home page, the trending menu, the youtubers to which you are subscribed, the shared videos and the bookmarks library.


The way we have to update Youtube on our Android device is very simple; follow these steps:

  1. Access the Google Play Store.
  2. Search in the top menu “Youtube” and select the official option (usually will be the first result).
  3. You can also get to the same update option if in Play Store you press the three bars button, look for the “My Apps and Games” option and locate the Youtube application in it.
  4. As the application is already installed on the device, the “Update” option will appear in a button in the upper right hand corner if there is a new update. Click on this button. This is very visual, but to guide you, the button is to the right of another that says “Uninstall”.
  5. Now, you have to accept the terms of use by clicking on “Accept”.
  6. You will see how to download the application. The estimated time will depend on the weight of the new content and the Internet connection we have at that time, it is recommended to be done via Wi-Fi .
  7. Once this has been done, you can access the application in its last update without having to restart the terminal. That’s it, the whole process is complete

Update the Youtube app on iOS for iPhone

Apple application-related updates can be managed from the App Store. If you want to know how you can check if you need to update Youtube on your iOS device, just follow the steps below:

Let’s list the steps one by one to make the installation easier and more intuitive:

  1. First, open the App Store on your device, whether it’s an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Look for the Youtube application among the ones you already have installed.
  3. Also, you can place yourself in the search engine at the top and enter the name “Youtube” to search the application automatically.
  4. Either way, if you already have the Youtube application on your mobile device, you will see an option where it says “Update”. Click on that option.
  5. It will ask you to approve the update with your fingerprint or by clicking on a confirmation button. Do either step.
  6. You will see how to start downloading the files needed for the update, it is always recommended to do this process when we are connected to Wi-Fi networks, so as not to consume data from our smartphone.
  7. Once it’s finished, you may need to turn the device off and on again for the changes to be effective. And that’s it, you can enjoy the new version of YouTube.

Refresh YouTube browser on a Smart TV

The YouTube application has stopped working on some Smart TVs. This is due to updates. Therefore, we must keep our TV updated to the latest version, as well as the applications we have installed. The guide that
shown below will vary depending on the brand of TV, but broadly speaking, these are the steps to follow.


Read on to download and install these new features:

  1. Your TV must be connected to the Internet, so make sure everything is correct. You can use LAN-Ethernet or WiFi.
  2. Go to the menu and in the section “Smart Functions” check in “Terms and Conditions” that all terms and policies are accepted.
  3. Now go to the “Support” menu and look for the “Software Update” section.
  4. There, you can update all the applications or select one. It is recommended to have all of them updated to the latest version.
  5. If you prefer, look for the YouTube application and click on it.
  6. Once the menu has been opened, click on the “Update Application” button.
  7. Now, you will see how to download the necessary files for the update.
  8. Once you have done that, you will have finished updating the Youtube application. You can start using the application in its most current version.
  • Note: The names of the options will vary depending on the model and brand of SmartTV you have. However, these are similar and by reading the steps above you can easily follow the process on your TV.

Upgrade YouTube to its PC version

The new features of Youtube give it a more elegant and novel air, but also make the update options change sometimes. If you follow the steps below, you can get the new version and a new, more visual look for the desktop version of YouTube.


As always, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Youtube website. Also, you can access from here.
  2. On the left is a column with all kinds of information; from your profile to your subscriptions, settings, etc. You have to scroll down to the bottom. In small print you will see: “Test new features”. Click on this sentence.
  3. On this page you will always find the new tester versions of the platform; these may vary over time. Many of them change the interface, and others, the functionalities; in any case, there will always be news about the design.
  4. Now, a button will appear indicating “Try the new version of Youtube”. Click on this option.
  5. A new page will be loaded talking about what the platform is like at the moment, and it will give you the option by means of a “Try it now” button. Just click on it and you’re done.
  • Note: If in any of the tests or tests changing the YouTube interface or functionalities, you are not completely satisfied, you can always go back to the classic or previous version in an easy and simple way; go back to where it says “Test the new functions” and click where it says “Back to the classic version of YouTube”.

Last update without Play Store, download and install YouTube APK

Remember that, to download the Youtube application through the APK file you have to go to the official Youtube website and search for the corresponding APK, or use the download link that we will provide you. In this way, malware or hacking problems in our device will be avoided.

Let’s see what steps we must follow to download and install the APK to have the new YouTube update:

  1. Download the APK from the link above.
  2. Unzip the file on your computer and then connect the Android device to your computer.
  3. We open the folder where the files of our Android device appear, and place a copy of the file with the APK.
  4. Now, close the folder and disconnect the Android device from your computer.
  5. In our device it is necessary to look for the folder where all the files /DOWNLOAD are. Ours will be the one with the APK extension.
  6. Click on the option “Open”.
  7. Click on “Next”.
  8. Now, the device will ask if you want to install this application.
  9. Click on the “Yes” button to continue working.
  10. It downloads the update and may ask us to restart the phone. That’s it, we’re done.
  • Note: If we have already pre-selected the option “Allow Third Party Downloads” in the security options of our Android smartphone, it will not ask us for any type of confirmation when we install the APK.